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Alpha King County, WA Bus Skins 0.8

Perfect for a drive in the rain.

  1. KingKarlTheSixth
    Bus skins that resemble those on the buses in King County, Washington, United States. King County Metro serves Seattle and the surrounding area. Includes five skins; Cyan, Blue, Purple, Green, and RapidRide (Red). No config. I plan to add window stickers coming soon, and maybe some skins that are dirty for that old-bus feel, or for the underground tunnels. If you live in King County, (or not), suggestions are welcome.


    1. 20180706174205_1.jpg
    2. 20180706174215_1.jpg
    3. 20180706174223_1.jpg
    4. 20180706174232_1.jpg
    5. 20180706174250_1.jpg
    6. 20180706174327_1.jpg
    7. 20180706174333_1.jpg
    8. 20180706174339_1.jpg
    9. 20180706174345_1.jpg
    10. 20180706174355_1.jpg
    11. 20180706174410_1.jpg
    12. 20180706174443_1.jpg
    13. 20180706174451_1.jpg
    14. 20180706174459_1.jpg
    15. 20180706174508_1.jpg
    16. 20180706174520_1.jpg
    17. 20180706174554_1.jpg
    18. 20180706174600_1.jpg
    19. 20180706174608_1.jpg
    20. 20180706174645_1.jpg
    21. 20180706174652_1.jpg
    22. 20180706174701_1.jpg
    23. 20180706174712_1.jpg
    24. 20180706174728_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. 372minecraftlover
    Version: 0.8
    I live in Snohomish County (North Seattle) and every time we go into King County I see these buses! Perfect!
  2. Vector355
    Version: 0.8
    i expected king county from twd but instead got some really cool bus skins. great job man
  3. PigeonDriver
    Version: 0.8
    Oh yes. I've lived in King County for more than 30 years, as I was born here and never moved away. These are not only a nice detail, but are also very accurate. Thank you tremendously.
  4. Brayden Bachlott
    Brayden Bachlott
    Version: 0.8
    I've never been to King County, but these buses look nice! And it's cool that all the colors have different numbers, so they're more unique. Thanks for making these for BeamNG!
    1. KingKarlTheSixth
  5. little_squids
    Version: 0.8
    Accurate to the real livery, thank you for making this
    1. KingKarlTheSixth
      Author's Response
      You are quite welcome
  6. tsunamidrew
    Version: 0.8
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