KFU & R4 TDI Engine for the Covet 1.5

I'll add several engines to the Covet and who knows what will happen later.

  1. New engine, some fixes

    Pretty light update, changes below
    • New TDI engine, specs at mod description
    • Adjusted idle from 780RPM to 750RPM
    • One config per engine but with same exterior
    • Added tow hitch to the configs
    • Adjusted transmissions for KFU and TDI engines
    • Added Rolling Coal Exhaust for TDI engines
  2. No more BETA status + new engine



    • Added Airbag Steering Wheel for the Covet
    • Added ABS for the Covet, find it in Body slots
    • Added ESC for the Covet, find it in Body slots "Electronics"
    • Updated nodes and beams of the entire mod to be equal to update 0.14
    • There are 2 configs only, one for the KFU engine and another for the R4 TDI engine, so feel free to try and tune by yourself
    • KFU and R4 TDI...
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