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    @CykFromBeam vk
    Hi, everybody.
    I made 3 kanjo skins, and 5 settings with different skins.

    you will need mods:
    WBIMP_BG1234 (front facia the car)
    2) vtec (engine)
    3) mod for indestructible motor,
    I haven't checked, but maybe it explodes
    4) good racing seats from widefap

    when you have downloaded all the mods, download this archive.
    and all that is inside, need to throw on the right path.
    In game, you will see the settings of these machines as shown in the photo below.

    open all folders and follow this path
    documents/ and all 5 kanjo settings put there

    If you want a personal skin, you can contact me.

    screenshot_2020-05-21_20-34-11.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-34-17.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-34-34.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-35-27.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-35-43.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-35-16.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-25-42.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-25-35.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-29-12.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-28-59.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-29-59.png screenshot_2020-05-21_20-29-51.png

Recent Reviews

  1. dickheadjr
    Version: 1.0
    sick mod and can we have an update with a skin like this
  2. ab_got_2007
    Version: 1.0
    this mod is pretty nice BUT there isnt that many liveries that gives Kanjo vibe if you know what i mean. they kinda give me the Itasha vibe. It would be cool to see some new ones! i hope youre planning on making some because i cant find one. they just dont feel right idk how to explain.
  3. shantofficiel
    Version: 1.0
    Hey thanks for linking my mod, but ppl yeeted it out of the forum :/ it s only on discord now
  4. kenjie1027
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you so much for these skins! I would love to see a roll cage net on this to full fill this aesthetic, keep it up!!!
    1. BICHEZ
      Author's Response
      thank you for your feedback,
      but kanjo racers rarely had a roll cage, but you can add one if you want
  5. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 1.0
    where i can find this car ?
    1. BICHEZ
      Author's Response
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