Alpha Jetside Special 2.0a3

Better than a turbo. 2.0

  1. iheartmods

    From a time where America was doing everything it could to one-up the Russians...I give you:

    --The Jetside Special--

    A mod of the Burnside Special with a special, simulated jet-powered drivetrain. This mod is paying homage to the Chrysler Turbine Car from the 1960's.

    An extremely gaudy video from the 60's showing off the basis car:

    A good video by Jay Leno. Some original promo and design footage seen at 8:37+.

    There are three configs:

    Single Turbine:

    • 2-Speed Automatic
    • Sounds awesome
    • Idles at 8K RPM; 40000 RPM redline
    • Radiator customized to cool appropriately
    • Higher-geared differential to lower top speed to realistic limits.

    Sport Twin-Turbine:

    • Custom engine tuning (no previous performance basis)
    • Quite fast for what it is
    • Higher Ratio 'Reduction Gear' Automatic
    • Similarly changed parts as above.
    • Sounds awesome too.
    • Can do skids.
    Twin-Turbine Drag


    • Developed by reptilians
    • Drag Tires
    • Proper Suspension
    • 0-60 in under 3 seconds.
    • Top speed theoretically 200 MPH.
    • Tends to start on fire

    These links helped my research:
    allpar and autospeed .

    Known bugs: Color changing seems to not be working..

    Enjoy! This has actually taken a really long time; the game doesn't like high-rpm engines.

    If you like my work, consider buying me lunch!


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    2. jets.png
    3. jetds.png

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  1. Bugs
  2. Fixed a couple bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. Krabs
    Version: 2.0a3
    This mod has some potential and I cant wait until its completely finished. I would love to use the Drag version of the Jetside but it begins to break down because of under powered radiator.
  2. Dog-man77
    Version: 2.0a3
    First off: Love this mod, great to have a Burnside that can go that fast, and I love that it's based on the turbine, as it was certainly an interesting and often forgotten part of automotive history.

    That being said, I do have a few small suggestions/criticisms that I think could make it more awesome

    1. I personally think it would be cool if other Burnside mods could also be applied to this one (ie if were treated as a Burnside custom engine and config instead of as a totally separate vehicle.)
    2. I gotta admit I really wish that the engine, which has clearly been customized, was retextured and reshaped because currently, it looks just like the internal combustion engine from the default car, which isn't as cool.
    3. I also seem to remember errors where the radiator would overheat, and I think it would say that the piston rings were damaged, which would reduce speed. I'm assuming this is either a small oversight or piston ring strength isn't changeable. ( given that it's not using an internal combustion engine, and thus has no piston rings, it does tend to have a toll on the immersion) (Most recently I can't replicate this, but I think it is due to being on a different map or in a different model of the car, though possibly it was fixed?)

    Anyways overall a good mod
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Hi thank you very much for your review. To respond:
      1 - I agree with you. If I have the time and motivation, I will work on this.
      2 - Again, I agree. It would be nice to have. Once again, time and motivation (moreso than above).
      3 - I think you may have a case since I did up damage levels and oil thermostat temperature to 130C. I should drop that down as I can that breaking engines after quite some time. The radiators have been _significantly_ beefed up in recent versions, so coolant overheating shouldn't happen.
  3. nicknack2001
    Version: 2.0a3
    this car base on a real car cool this car fun to drive
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it :)
  4. Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Plymouth Superbird 1970
    Version: 2.0a3
    Amazing, yet I find it should go slightly faster.
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      I don't think so. It's not like they put military-spec jet engines in these cars. They were designed to work in consumer cars therefore, to have reasonable and comparable performance to a V8 at the time. Have you tried the drag version? It's very quick!

      Hope you enjoy the mod!
  5. SkipperPlay
    Version: 2.0a2
    10X for fixing!
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      10X Thanks for five stars ;)
  6. KKG Clan
    KKG Clan
    Version: 2.0a2
    ITS BACK !! FIANLY !! (its supposed to be resurrected though)
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Yeah because I had killed it (ragequit essentially) then that was bugging me so I gave it another go :) Enjoy!
  7. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 2.0a2
    Yes max, christ did return to earth.
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Just don't start praying to me and we're good :)
  8. MaxisFabulous
    Version: 2.0a2
    is this what it will be like when Jesus Christ returns to earth??
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Oh man, these reviews get better and better.
  9. PinheadLarry
    Version: 2.0a2
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      Please clear your cache!
  10. nonogt
    Version: 2.0a2
    1. iheartmods
      Author's Response
      haha. I like the enthusiasm
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