JDM JZX-E3690 SLIDEY B0i 1.03

With huge hand-removable rear drift waing comes standard

  1. G-Farce
    Power? too much
    Suspension? comfy af
    Drifts? yes.
    Bodykit(s): Clean Stir fry Rice

    You can delete the detachable rear drift wang spoiler, to do it just drag your right hand over and rip it off

    . Two modes built-in for MAXIMUM-DRIFTONESE
    Open differential: Practice drift mode (recommend)
    Locked Diff: Experienced drift king drifter

    non-hazardous Spikey moneky wheels
    Crash-Detachable "damage & bodykit" parts
    Engine Redline High-RPM Engine Over 7K RPMs
    It streets
    It drifts
    It cruises
    It touges
    Add: rear toe for +super stability


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