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Beta Isle Rally 1.0

Very long challenging rally stage through the Jungle Rock Island

  1. McHawk
    Hey all!

    Uploading my very first scenario. It is a very long rally stage through Jungle Rock Island.

    It features:

    -Challenging course, mostly on tarmac but with some sweeping dirt sections;
    -13+ minutes of driving;
    -Good reasonable jumps;
    -Chicanes made of tirewalls;

    I tried to make the most realistic rally experience I could. Thus, I used only one checkpoint (the finish), because I honestly don't like the looks of the ingame checkpoint.

    The car is a modification of the Pessima Rally with a more tarmac setup (and late Group A visuals).

    I would improve this in two ways (if I knew how to):

    -Add invisible checkpoints;
    -Change this scenario to a quick play.

    Hope you like it!



    1. BeamNG2017-02-2013-40-35-40.jpg
    2. BeamNG2017-02-2013-41-00-47.jpg
    3. BeamNG2017-02-2013-41-23-18.jpg
    4. BeamNG2017-02-2013-41-43-52.jpg
    5. BeamNG2017-02-2013-42-14-20.jpg
    6. BeamNG2017-02-2013-42-36-86.jpg
    7. BeamNG2017-02-2013-43-01-97.jpg
    8. BeamNG2017-02-2013-43-35-37.jpg
    9. BeamNG2017-02-2013-43-46-86.jpg
    10. BeamNG2017-02-2013-43-57-78.jpg
    11. BeamNG2017-02-2013-44-39-03.jpg
    12. BeamNG2017-02-2013-45-00-70.jpg
    13. BeamNG2017-02-2013-45-31-60.jpg
    14. BeamNG2017-02-2013-46-02-01.jpg
    15. BeamNG2017-02-2013-46-34-69.jpg
    16. BeamNG2017-02-2013-46-49-86.jpg
    17. BeamNG2017-02-2013-47-30-50.jpg
    18. BeamNG2017-02-2013-47-45-22.jpg
    19. BeamNG2017-02-2013-48-05-92.jpg
    20. BeamNG2017-02-2013-48-43-33.jpg
    21. BeamNG2017-02-2013-48-59-07.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Racer3513
    Version: 1.0
    I loved the Negra Modelo rally, and this one looks just as fun. Definitely gonna download and waste about 20 minutes of my life messing with it. BTW, I really like how you don't use checkpoints. It makes it feel much more realistic.
  2. dandieline
    Version: 1.0
    Very good rally stage, as of writing I have yet to complete a full circuit...
  3. K3lp_Boy
    Version: 1.0
    Good scenario, but the car is set up really weirdly. It understeers hard if you try to take any corner speed at all, but midcorner it oversteers like crazy.
    1. McHawk
      Author's Response
      Hi! I agree the car setup is bouncy. I'll release a quickplay version of it shortly...
  4. kaefer
    Version: 1.0
    I like it very much.
  5. Spacedog79
    Version: 1.0
    So punishing but It's great! I think it would be more realistic to put a chicane in front of the first jump as you can take it fast enough to lose body parts each time.
    1. McHawk
      Author's Response
      Difficult right? In real life, rally cars tend to brake before taking a jump. But I agree, I'll make another revision with a chicane there.
  6. Sunset Drive
    Sunset Drive
    Version: 1.0
    1. McHawk
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
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