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Beta Ibishu Condensa Electric Drive w/ Overdrive 4.1

Facelifted, electric and fast! Why drive a Covet?

  1. Fixed motors stalling when RPMs became negative

    Thanks, ferwul73, for pointing out how to fix this bug.
  2. New motors & frunk, textures fixes, miscellaneous tweaks, re-added ESC and OVERDRIVE

    -New motor models & textures
    -New frunk model & textures
    -ESC re-added
    -Minor model & jbeam tweaks

    New overdrive config
    test3.png test2.png
  3. Bug fixes

    Fixed the covet's gauges being overwritten & the broken glass mesh popping out when deformed.
  4. Complete facelift and other improvements

    Completely facelifted. Meet the "aerovet". JBeam modifications made and new textures/materials for motors.

    300_garage_side.png 400_garage_side.png
  5. Revamped drivetrain & configs

    Redid all configs and gearboxes. All motors have been tweaked. Added new uniform thumbnails.
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  6. Color selector fix

    Whoops, I broke it in the last update. This fixes it.
  7. New off road variant, painted bumpers & smol tweaks

    Exactly as the title says. Added offroad variant and changed all bumpers by default to painted. Other small tweaks to the model. The rear motor now properly appears.
    update2.jpg update1.jpg
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  8. Adjustable components and general streamlining

    New in this update:
    • Adjustable F-R Torque Splitting
    • Adjustable Gearbox Ratios
    • Vastly VASTLY TCS, ESC & ABS - There is also the option to have aggressive ESC when pressing CTRL+Q
    • Removed unnecessary config options
    • New motor sound!
    • Improved efficiency
  9. Cool gauges, airbag steering wheel and other fixes!

    Added are all the gauges you missed in previous version plus the airbag steering wheel from the 200bx. Among minor issues fixed are the color selector and configuration files.
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  10. Compatibility, stability, braking, AWD tweaks and more

    • Now compatible with 0.8
    • Car is much more stable
    • ABS braking is much improved
    • AWD trims have tweaked torque-splitting
    • Various JBeam updates
    • Individual colors for different trims
    • More small tweaks
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