Ibishu CargoBox XL 2.2

One of the best Japanese transportation vans is here!

  1. [#H7dr4_27](UA)
    This CargoBox made for more heavier and larger things. Specially for comercial situations. With manual transmission this CargoBox can transport anything You want! NOW IT HAS INTERIOR!
    Base Stats!
    Engine = 2.5 I4 (150,1 HP)
    Redline = 6100RPM
    Transmission = 4-Speed mechanic
    Weight(Without passegers and baggage) = 1447 KG
    Max Speed = 166,6 KPH

    HiResPhoto54.png HiResPhoto55.png HiResPhoto56.png
    Enjoy! :3

Recent Updates

  1. Minor update
  2. REWORK!

Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 2.2
    I like it a lot, but I was wondering what is it based on? Despite being an Ibishu it looks kind of like a Ford to me.

    Also I would like to mention that when I pick white on the vehicle, it turns out to be a dark silver instead. I don't know if it's the color you chose, the material type, or something else you did, but I just thought you should know. No need to rush to fix it, I just wanted to point it out.
    1. [#H7dr4_27](UA)
      Author's Response
      Hi! Thanks for the color info, I'll fix it(But it can be import bug)! About the body, maybe You are right, it can be Ford, cause I can't find some cool body. And yes, thanks for the review!
  2. G-Farce
    Version: 2.0
    Re-Review: Awesome update

    I like the new sunroof, gives it a nice character, this new version is definitely an upgrade the front end and with this interior is 10x better looking. Some things to note however is the exhaust doesn't have a proper outlet, it's stuck in the bumper, also the gearing seems a bit short? I don't know because I don't make vans, maybe the gearing is right for the little power it has, it does work. I enjoy driving it with the option to lock the diff it is nicely made. It really Handles the part, very realistic to drive and brakes lock up right. This is a great update! Didn't for a second expect a new build from the ground up but you went the extra mile and you put in the effort so overall I rate this for 5 stars!

    It would be nice to have some basic specs in your car descriptions on here like hp, max torque, weight, top speed, just basics.
    1. [#H7dr4_27](UA)
      Author's Response
      Hi again, I've made everythng, that You said)
      If what, You can help me with recomendation)
      Before update will upload, You can try my Supotisa 250NX mod!
  3. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    I like this. It would be cool to see this one completely updated, improved and with an interior!
    1. [#H7dr4_27](UA)
      Author's Response
      Cool Idea! Thanks! I've already made it today, so wait for it! Maybe it will upload tomorrow (29 August)
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