1. Raft
    Made in BeamNG.drive

    The ultimate 200BX, made for the racetrack

    Added content:
    • Turbocharged 2.8L I6 Engine with all-wheel drive
    • Customization for various parts
    • GTz radiator
    • Front bash bar that fits the I6 engine
    • Driveshaft for I6 engine
    • GTz body-kit (wide-body kit, spoiler, front lip, bumper support, etc)
    • RHD interior (with metric gauges now) and a GTz steering wheel
    • License plate taped to the windshield because things taped on the windscreen looks cool and has been sitting on my hard drive for quite a few months now
    • GTz strut bar
    • GTz lettering
    • An aftermarket tachometer that goes up to 12k RPM
    • Okudai GZ1/GZ1-R (Available in various colors with customization and 17x8/17x9)
    screenshot_2020-07-30_20-01-51.png screenshot_2020-07-30_20-00-47.png

    Known bugs:
    • Names of driver and passenger seats are mixed up in the RHD/GTz body (fixing that would mean duplicating the seats and renaming them, which means I would have to update them again when BeamNG updates, and the names aren't that important anyway)

    screenshot_2020-07-30_19-20-53.png screenshot_2020-02-05_09-56-44.png screenshot_2020-07-16_11-42-56.png screenshot_2020-07-15_11-06-18.png

    • Car_Killer's Showroom Pack
    • BeamNG Vehicle Development Team

Recent Reviews

  1. GerianPL
    Version: 1.5a
    I'd give it a 5 if you added the GTz steering wheel to the normal unibody <3
  2. Mullayho
    Version: 1.5a
    I didn't knew the 200bx needed AWD this badly! Also It has some great skyline vives to it
  3. DriftsForDays
    Version: 1.5a
    now the rear wheels literally just explode when I drive and the rwd doesn't work. but I like it. I would like if the I6 was available on the standard unibody.
  4. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.5a
    This needs a LHD variant as well but otherwise bloody amazing. I wonder if this could be used for racing on the Wangan Expressway.
  5. ForZac
    Version: 1.5a
    very nice mod, even the base gtz config is nice for a fast-ish sports car, if you wanna go crazy just mod the engine O.o
  6. Chance Barber
    Chance Barber
    Version: 1.5a
    How do I equip the boost gauge?
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      there's no boost gauge in this mod, but you can equip the tachometer by selecting it in the "Shift Light" slot
  7. Oxferd_Gaming
    Version: 1.4a
    A pretty good mod, hav't tested it yet cus of the file size and my internet speed but ill try it soon, Just a little question. Im guessing the engine itself has a custom model? because i was looking at the pic that shows the engine and i saw some detail to it, i was just woundering if its a custom model instead of a stock ingame model from which alot of people use, anyways good mod and keep up the great work on any upcoming mods! stay safe!
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review, the engine is actually not entirely custom made, the lower end of the engine is a mostly unedited ETK I engine, while the upper end of the engine is retextured and has some custom models or is edited from the ETK I model (intake manifold, valve cover, etc)
  8. Chance Barber
    Chance Barber
    Version: 1.4a
    What do you mean by GTz radiator(s)? Theres only 1 GTz radiator and the stock 200bx radiator
    1. Raft
      Author's Response
      seems to be a typo, thanks for the report
  9. russian_sosiska
    Version: 1.4a
    wow how do u open hood
  10. Klutch
    Version: 1.4a
    Nice little touch. Is it possible to see GT-4 Kinda style? AWD?
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