I5 Engine for Ibishu 200BX 1.2.1

Original model

  1. Dioctane
    I forbid to reupload and post my mod without my permission!

    : 3D engine model created from scratch. I chose a five-cylinder engine because it fits perfectly with Ibishu 200BX. This engine is smaller and lighter than a six-cylinder engine and more powerful than a four-cylinder. And its unique and inimitable sound is the completion of the image of an ideal engine.

    So, I present to you a five-cylinder engine for Ibishu 200BX!
    From the factory, this engine develops 270hp and 355nm. Thanks to thoughtful construction, it lends itself well to tuning and is able to develop power up to 460nm with the help of a GTX30 turbo.
    screenshot_2020-03-29_11-34-12.png screenshot_2020-03-29_11-34-26.png

    So that you can choose this engine, you need to choose "I5 Engine Unibody" in the bodies!

    Of course I didn’t forget about tuning
    Cylinder head:
    • Stock
    • Reinforced
    • High RPM(allows you to spin the engine up to 9000)
    • Stock
    • Tune(chrome/black) screenshot_2020-03-29_11-36-52.png
    Engine block:
    • Stock(up to 460nm)
    • Forged Piston Group(up to 700nm)
    • Reinforced Short Block(up to 900nm)
    • Reinforced Short Block with Custom Sleeves(up to1300nm)
    Engine Management:
    • Stock ECU
    • Adjustable ECU(with/without rpm limiter drop)
    Exhaust manifold:
    • Stock
    • Tune equidistant
    • Stock turbo
    • BoostUp stock turbo
    • GTX30/35(they are the same size, but the GTX35 develops more power because it has a larger compressor wheel exducer
    • screenshot_2020-03-29_11-37-02.png screenshot_2020-03-29_11-39-05.png
    • GTX42 screenshot_2020-03-29_11-41-23.png screenshot_2020-03-29_11-42-07.png
    • Stock exhaust
    • Tune exhaust
    • Straight exhaust
    • Hood exhaust
    • Stock 6-speed manual
    • Race 6-speed manual
    • Sequential 6-speed
    • Stock 4-speed automatic
    • Drag 4-speed automatic
    In order for the coupe to make a wheelie, you need to select a drag config, turn on step two, turn on the hand brake, turn on the gear, hold the brake and gas, wait until the engine reaches 5000 rpm. After all this, simultaneously release the hand brake and release the brake pedal. If you did everything right, the car will make a wheelie) (A prerequisite is the presence of dragstrip)

    In conclusion, I want to say thanks to everyone who pays attention to my efforts. I hope you enjoy my modification.​

Recent Updates

  1. Lunch Control Fix
  2. Fixing up
  3. moderation fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Akslop
    Version: 1.2.1
    Great mod, nice textures, lots of items included in the mod but, the hood exhaust could be a bit shorter and be more flush with the hood.
  2. Lengendly Gamer
    Lengendly Gamer
    Version: 1.2.1
    Beautiful mod, 5 stars, absolutely love it.
    Well done.
    My favourite part of the mod is when things change.
  3. Kuthlive
    Version: 1.2.1
    If only we had this level of customization on the stock engines
  4. Big Boi Ruben
    Big Boi Ruben
    Version: 1.11
    Its Beutifel epic grammar too!
  5. mmmmhg
    Version: 1.11
    Love it! Love how many parts there are to put on the engine and how many actually change model.
  6. trm7
    Version: 1.11
    I could listen to this thing all day
  7. MiaTheMiata
    Version: 1.11
    I was a bit disappointed at first when the files weren't working, but I was very happy when you updated the mod. I'm a huge fan of inline 5 engines and this is perfect. Would like to see a 2JZ sometime tbh
  8. fuzzydogdog
    Version: 1.11
    When I think of BeamNG and it's modding community, mods like this are exactly what I think about. The amount of detail in this mod (especially the tuning options) is just amazing! The only problem is that whenever I use other cars I'm disappointed by the lack of customization :^)
  9. nate1234123
    Version: 1.11
    very minty after update
  10. P_enta
    Version: 1.11
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