Hydra HaipaBisuto GT 2.7.7

The pure engineering, or "How not to make a GT"

  1. Downforce update

    0/100 now is 3.6 seconds! (instead of 4)
    Max Speed is 320 km/h
  2. Massive rework!

    Due to Ibishu/Hydra contract expire, Hydra Motors started to rework the car, starting with design:

    New taillights
    New side vents
    New "Logo" on car (Instead of Ibishu circle)

    About stats:
    Power decreased to 483,9HP (Due to road safety)
    Weight redused to 1734 KG (3 822 lbs)
    Less understeer
    (by decreasing downforce and tyre width)...
  3. Rework from zero

    Weight redused by 200+ KG
    +10 KPH
    Smaller engine, but more powerful!

    +20 HP
    +1500 Max RPM

  4. Interior Update

    Updated interior parts
    Updated aerodynamics
  5. Small Issues

    Just a little update
  6. Blue Edition (?)

    NOW IN DARK BLUE COLOR (requested by OldTimersGaming)
    Max speed is now 354 KPH!
    Front Bumper changes (Splitter Deleted) HiResPhoto37.png HiResPhoto38.png
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