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Beta Hunga car pack (Self made Brand) 1.0

The Hungarian brand :)

  1. SajtistaPista
    Hi guys! I made a pack of a "Hungarian Brand" witch is of course not a real Brand. There are now just a few cars in it, but I'll make more cars.
    Every 3-4 cars I make a update. If anyone have a wish, what engine sould I make, just tell me in private.
    PS.: I didn't copied any cars. If one car in this pack is similar with a real one car, it's just a coincidence and sorry about that!

    Hunga GP4x4

    Hunga GC88i

    Hunga SP620

Recent Reviews

  1. The_Tekkit_101 2
    The_Tekkit_101 2
    Version: 1.0
    Hunga obunga
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