Alpha Hot Sausage 0.1

A (series of ) pursuit scenarios features ai partner.

  1. Caden Mai
    Caden Mai
    Version: 0.1
    Hello UltimateSausage,
    I am a big fan of chasing and racing (with AI) scenarios, and you just got me spending 1 full hour on this scenario. I cannot wait for more scenarios of this pack, because of all chasing scenarios, you are among the top chase scenario creators (including GamerGull, both of you guys are the best) that I have seen. Although I had to wait a little bit since you made a typo in your name, it was definitely worth the wait, the scripting is excellent and it clearly shows since the AI sometimes takes down the thief without my helping. I also like the part where my car is disabled as if I was sleeping, at first I thought my car was broken! As I said, I am excited to see more development from this pack, because you show unlike some other creators that you are dedicated to creating great racing scenarios!
    1. UltimateSausage
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      This is my first mod and it takes me quite an effort to learn scripting in this game. I really glad you enjoyed it!

      Next update will include several new scenarios and it might take a few weeks since I have to prepare for my school exam lately. Stay tuned!
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