Experimental Hirochi Luna RS turbo Wagon 4x4 0.1

4x4 Turbo Boxer Engine Wagon

  1. mpsw69
    This is a car that i´m still working on, it has a Turbocharged boxer engine, 4x4, and it´s very fun to drive, keep in mind that you need to enable low gear in order to drive it. (im working on it):D
    BTW: The name RS Turbo comes from the subaru liberty rs turbo, this car has many features of many jdm cars, like the fairlady type rear view mirror, the starlet kp60 type headlights, and so on...
    P.S. As i already mentioned on my other mod, the yellow and orange badge represents the class of the vehicle, in this case this means that this car is part of the "medium level performance series" the second highest of his brand.


    1. screenshot_00002.png
    2. screenshot_00003.png
    3. screenshot_00004.png
    4. screenshot_00005.png
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