Hirochi Akuma Custom 1.0

A forgotten street racing legend has returned.

  1. killercar34
    This old 1997 Hirochi Akuma was bought from Crazy Carl's Car Lot back in 2001 by a teenager who needed the car to go to and from work. However, after The Fast and the Furious hit the movie screens, that teenager decided to spend almost every paycheck he got on modifying his AWD Sports Sedan into a Monster. by 2003, the car was finished. It had a aftermarket Wide Body Kit, Stripped interior, a Carbon Fiber Scooped hood, aftermarket 17 inch wheels, and a Turbo Charger installed onto the Akuma's 3.3L RS33 Engine. The Akuma made 565hp, 459 ib-ft of torque, and could do a quarter mile in just 11.82 seconds. This Akuma became known as the "Red Dragon" in the West Coast area after beating almost every other street racer in the neighborhood. However, in 2006 the car vanished from the face of the Earth after challenging a Black Moonhawk Elite to a highway race. The car wasn't seen again until 2016 when it was found by some old pickers on jack-stands and almost completely stripped in a old garage around the Hirochi Raceway. Since then the car has been fully rebuilt to it's previous glory, and is now ready to race again. Just be warned the visual aesthetics on this car are a bit, shall we say, dated, so don't expect to get much respect thrown your way when the Muscle Car Guys see you pull up to the drag strip in this thing... until you smoke them that is.


    1. HirochiAkuma.png
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