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Beta HighDef's Time Trial Pack 0.8

A pack of 27 quickraces for Time Trial mode. Need to improve your driving skill?

  1. Italy content

  2. Waypoints fix

    Fixed some waypoint placements.
  3. More courses and improvements

    Added 6 courses to ECUSA
    Added 2 courses to Utah
    Remade most of the ECUSA map thumbnails (previous map was not accurate)
  4. Fixes

    Raised water-splash bridge on Mixed 1 but it's no clip still so doesn't actually change anything yet.

    I will be adding more courses this weekend so lookout for another update on Monday, also check out the discussions tab to see my plans.
  5. Fixes

    Fixed standing start location at Mixed 1 (car was sticking to the bridge)
    Enlarged waypoints at Mixed 1
  6. Fix

    Fixed rolling start spawn rotation setting for ECUSA dirt 1
  7. Waypoint fix

    Fixed waypoint code for ECUSA Road 2
  8. Added reversible and rolling starts

    Added reversible and rolling start functionality to all the closed circuit routes.
  9. Added 6 courses

    Added a road, dirt and mixed course for Utah
    Added a dirt and two road courses for East Coast USA
    Improved track side objects for TDO Ring Road
  10. Fix for reversable tracks

    Removed the option to reverse the tracks, for now
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