Unsupported High Speed Jump V1.1

SBR Scenario with jump based in GridMap

  1. Darthbob555
    A scenario that takes place in GridMap

    The car given is the SBR Twin Turbo edition which has plenty of power - possibly too much for some turns.

    The scenario now has three layers to the original one which has many obstacles that become harder to dodge the close to the finish you are.
    The last jump requires your car to be intact to make sure you don;t fall off the road; take caution and make subtle movements.

    Notice: There is a map version of the scenario so that you can practice this scenario which allows you to respawn from certain places if you so wish.


    Thanks to SirJambon for the video (V1.1):

    Thanks to GameDog for the video (V1.1):
    Start - 8:22

    Thanks to Levy3poop for the video (V1.1):

Recent Updates

  1. layers
  2. Minor tweaks

Recent Reviews

  1. SirJambon
    Version: V1.1
    Another hardcore scenario by Darthbob. Brilliant as always.
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