High power car pack 8.1.0

A pack of cars that contain high performance parts. Some realistic, some not so much :)

  1. Spaceballs the Username
    Ibishu 200BX:
    • 2.4L I4 engine (284 Nm @ 6000 rpm)
    • Stage 1 and 2 turbos for 2.4L I4
    • 6-speed manual transmission for 2.4L I4
    • 3 included models. LX, Custom, and Race.
    • Stage 2 Turbo is tunable

    Hirochi SBR4
    • 5.0L V8 engine (472 Nm @ 7500 rpm)
    • Stage 1 and 2 twin turbos for V8
    • 7- and 8-speed dual clutch close ratio transmissions for V8
    • 3 included models. The S2 V8 has custom race slicks.
    • Stage 2 TT is tunable.

    Hirochi Sunburst
    • 5.0L V8 engine (408Nm @ 5500 rpm)
    • 5.0L Racing V8 engine (800Nm @ 6500 rpm)
    • 5.2L V10 (531 Nm @ 6500 rpm) modeled after Audi R8 V10
    • Stage 1 and 2 turbos for V8 and V10
    • Twin turbo for Racing V8 (similar power to Koenigsegg Agera / One:1)
    • 7-speed dual clutch transmission for V8 (modeled after Koenigsegg One:1)
    • 3 included models.
    • Twin Turbo is tunable
    • 5 awesome paintjobs!

    Ibishu Pessima ('96-'00):
    • 3.0L I6 engine (350 Nm @ 5000 rpm)
    • Stage 1 and 2 turbos for 3.0L I6
    • 4 included models. 3.0L LX Standard, Sport, Race, and GT.

    ETK 800 and K-Series:
    • Two new engines: 3.6L V6 and 5.2L V12. Both engines include optional turbocharger
    • Config presets for K-Series, based on the AWD 6TX

    Gavril Roamer, D-, and H-Series:
    • Two new engines: 8.0L V10 (same as Sunburst) and 6.2L Supercharged Hellcat V8, based on its real-life counterpart.
    • Super Duty Radiator which is essential to not kill the Hellcat engine in 10 seconds.
    • Config preset for Roamer with the Hellcat engine, based on the Roamer Sport.

    Gavril Barstow:
    • A new variable race supercharger
    • Two new configs: Cobra and Viper

    Civetta Bolide:
    • 4.5L V10 nand 5.2L V10 engines
    • New paintjob for Group 2
    • New 450 Group 2 GTR config

    ETK I-Series:
    • Tuned 3.0L i6 to get rid of the torque dip past 4k rpm
    • Drift variant, 740bhp. Have fun!

    Additions for all cars:
    • 235/35R19 Race Tires (1.2 G)
    • 255/35R19 Race Tires (1.2 G)
    • 215/65R15 Race Tires (1.1 G)
    • 255/55R15 Race Tires (1.1 G)
    • 265/30R19 Race Tires (1.2 G)

    Courtesy of FailRace:

Recent Reviews

  1. slava.kozlov.05
    Version: 8.1.0
  2. Slimeboy2015
    Version: 8.1.0
    LOVE IT!!! the V6 engine swap is my favorite engine
  3. Pounicoss
    Version: 8.1.0
    when will you add the white thumbnail backgrounds?
  4. Kuthlive
    Version: 8.1.0
    YES! THANK YOU! The other day when i was tweaking my insanely turbo laggy drift 200BX, and i was wondering if i could keep boost between gears with a sequential box. You literally saved me from having to turn down the boost.
  5. Tybull
    Version: 8.0.0
    Great, but with the new update with NOS in it, ou should update it so the engines are compatible with NOS.
  6. SkilledOrigin
    Version: 8.0.0
    Great mod. I suggest adding more drivetrains to vehicles such as AWD to the barstow and moonhawk, or RWD to the covet.
  7. DankMemeBunny
    Version: 8.0.0
    Best mod for fast cars, including best configs. I have used this mod since 0.7? I think but its the best mod I have used for engines.
  8. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 8.0.0
    NE PARTS? ;D
  9. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 8.0.0
    cool update . when news thubmails ?
    1. Spaceballs the Username
      Author's Response
      Not sure what you mean, I've had new thumbnails for a while!
  10. ROMA1213
    Version: 7.1.0
    Update this , mod broken
    1. Spaceballs the Username
      Author's Response
      Hello, thanks for the review. I am currently in the process of updating the mod, but it might not be ready until next weekend. I have exams in school this week. Thank you all for your patience!
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