Beta Hawk Pick-Up Trucks 1.0

Hawk Pick-Up Truck pack

  1. Pim911
    Hello there!

    This pack contains 2 trucks, a normal and a stanced / race spec truck!
    Here's some information about the trucks:

    Normal one;Thanks to its twin turbo boxer engine it creates a 660 HP and it does a 0/100 KM/H in 5 secounds, with a top speed of 260 KM/H! ( it also has a working tow bar )

    Race spec one; Thanks to its 2.167 HP twin turbo supercharged V16 can this beast do a 0/100 KM/H in 3.10 seconds and has a top speed of 420 KM/H!

    All i have to say is; drive safe!

    More likes + downloads = more motivation for next mod!
    HiResPhoto10.png HiResPhoto13.png HiResPhoto17.png HiResPhoto18.png
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