HAI Arranger 2022 ''First Edition'' 1.0

You don't need a Ranger when you're the Arranger.

  1. BrunoTheMerlin
    HAI Arranger 2022
    First Edition

    HiResPhoto356.png HiResPhoto357.png

    The H.A.I Arranger 2022 has just arrived! Promising great performance on and off-road, whatever the situation. With the first edition, owner's will get a limited ''LED emblem'' on the front grille, a sport-tuned Hirochi B6 engine and a two-tone interior!


    - Hirochi B6 producing 304Hp
    - Naturally Inspired
    - Redline @ 6500rpm
    - 8 gear Automatic Transmission
    - 4X4 Drivetrain

    - Weights 2438Kg (F49/R51)
    - (F)Double Wishbone / (R) Solid Axle Coil

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  1. Bilpak
    Version: 1.0
    holy jesus
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