Unsupported GSC Sunburst Pack 0.1

*"Sunburst needs a remaster" -literally everyone

  1. GSCisyes
    This mod adds:
    • 1.6L I4
    • 2.4L I4
    • "Catsworth" parts for the I4
    • some configs
    • 1.6
    • 1.6 LE
    • 1.8 LE
    • 1.6 LE AWD
    • 1.8 LE AWD
    • 2.0 Sport AWD
    • 2.4 Sport GTS
    • 2.4 Catsworth Silversport
    Stuff to add:
    • Badges probably
    Known issues
    • Badging is wrong

    screenshot_2022-05-18_21-47-18.png screenshot_2022-05-18_21-50-19.png screenshot_2022-05-18_21-54-50.png screenshot_2022-04-24_20-50-34.png

    *not a remaster

Recent Reviews

  1. Kerr114514
    Version: 0.1
    Nice But I think if it will have some widebody like rocketbunny it will be zhe best
    1. GSCisyes
      Author's Response
      the in-game widebody is pretty similar to rocketbunny, and this mod wont get updates anymore
  2. Lewhik
    Version: 0.1
    It looks quite good, though I wouldn't name an Mod an "Remaster of an Vehicle" if you only add an couple of Engines and Widebody Part's

    But damn, the person underneath me, how does your opinion make this Mod bad?
    1. GSCisyes
      Author's Response
      Im not calling it a remaster, im just making a joke
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