Beta Gruban quattro S1-E2 0.9

A relatively accurate version of Audi quattro S1/E2 Group B rally car.

  1. Gruban
    GRUBAN quattro S1/E2

    This is my attempt at recreating a Group B legend - Audi Sport quattro S1/E2. The goal of this mod is to create a close replica of the real car in terms of driving, not looks.
    There are 3 versions of the car - gravel, tarmac and Pikes Peak. Tarmac version is similar to the gravel one, only with stiffer suspension, lower ride height and slick tires. Pikes Peak version has bigger turbo, more downforce and is much lighter.
    I tested it on a gamepad so I don't know how it drives with a wheel. So let's get on with it:

    -Engine: 2.1L inline-5 cylinder
    -Induction: turbocharger
    -Gearbox: 6-speed sequential

    S1E2 - 532 hp @8000rpm (450-590 hp @8000rpm in real life depending on the boost)
    S1PP - 696 hp @8500rpm

    S1E2 - 543 Nm @5400rpm (550-590 Nm @5500rpm irl)
    S1PP - 720 Nm @5600rpm
    Power and torque curve graph is in the images.

    S1E2 gravel - 1125 kg (1090 kg irl)
    S1E2 tarmac - 1070 kg
    S1PP - 997 kg

    -0-100 km/h:
    S1E2 gravel - 2.8 s (3.1s irl)
    S1E2 tarmac - 2.5 s
    S1PP - 2.4 s

    -Top speed:
    S1E2 gravel - 316 km/h (don't worry about it - you won't reach it anyway)
    S1E2 tarmac - 301 km/h (gears are shorter so it sacrifices top speed for better acceleration)
    S1PP - 324 km/h

    S1E2 - 600 kg @200 km/h (the only info I could find on this one is "500 kg at high speed" so this is just a guess)
    S1PP - 820 kg

    Power to weight ratio is identical to the real car, weight distribution is 55F-45R which is close to the actual 52F-48R.

    Car is really fun to drive and I set quite a few best times with it. All the power is on top of the rev range so you need really be aggresive with your driving. One of the known issues is the engine shutting off at the start line (just like in the video). It restarts immediately so it's only mildly annoying.

    I added some backfire pops and crackles, and turbo flutter but it was hard to replicate the noise of the real thing. I wish we could somehow import Dirt Rally sounds into this game :)




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    Version: 0.5
    So cool!
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