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Beta Grand Valley Speedway 0.37

Here's the original fictional track built for 24H racing.

  1. Ewanc
    Here's a reboot of the best track I made for rFactor and one of the hardest of the original GT circuits. Designed for 24 hour Le mans and formula class race cars, this course offers many high speed sweeping corners and set in dramatic scenery. The banking is deceptively shallow, making it challenging.

    Here's an add-on that replaces my generic BeamNG banners with the name brand ones from GT, for a more authentic look.
    You can get it here or from the first post in the forum.

    To install: Place the zip file in your mod folder, just like any mod.

    Overview Video,
    Skillfully driven by HighDef

    Some features are:
    Hirochi style 3D curbs
    Dramatic tunnel lighting
    4 layout configurations; including the East Sections
    Modified grand stands from Hirochi Raceway
    Ive added 3 other "facilities" around the outskirts of the track. They are no frills, as not to bog the level down.

    This one is based on a design I made over 10 years ago and also brought to rFactor and other sims. Ive made many improvements recently to bring it into this decade.

    Its an original work using only my imagination and a rough map of the layout and not a copy in any way of licensed assets. Ive edited many stock objects to fit my liking; such as small and medium sized Grandstand models (cut off the top section, and to 1/3), terrain textures, trees, suspension bridge, Curbs from Hirochi (Modeled into the track), Banners (moderately edited)

    Feel free to use any of my customized stock objects or textures for your works. Giving credit is appreciated.

    Be sure to clear cache - or at least remove the GrandValleySpeedway folder from cache - before installing any updates.

    Known Bugs:
    • The curbs don't react nicely when driving the course backwards; can cause damage to the underside of low slung cars. No more flats though, in either direction.


    1. Image3.jpg
    2. Image5.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. GageH.
    Version: 0.37
  2. Racermon
    Version: 0.28
    This is pretty good, this track is quite challenging with it's braking zones and I love it :D

    Also recorded my first full lap in the D-series
  3. HighDef
    Version: 0.28
    I played GT1 from the day it came out and love it (for what it is, I'm a sim racer with all the gear.) GV is one of my favorite tracks next to Trial Mountain. This version feels very similar to me and I am loving driving on it. Especially as the devs (Stenyak) got my wheel's (Accu-Force) FFB to work. It's great fun. I made a video for you. Great work.

    1. Ewanc
      Author's Response
      Really glad you liked it. Thats what I do it for too.
  4. PaceCrosser
    Version: 0.28
    Great job, can you do Northern Isle Speedway from Gran Turismo Sport next?
    1. Ewanc
      Author's Response
      Thanks. I appriciate requests, but PM them please. I only make the" classic" tracks, used consistently throughout time.
  5. Gage Plays
    Gage Plays
    Version: 0.28
    Very Nice, Yes! - Borat 2006
  6. Squared
    Version: 0.28
    YES! Been looking forward to this mod! Looks fantastic, awesome job.
  7. Lernardeau
    Version: 0.28
    Niiiiice! and the "buged" curb are a really good reason to make realistic crash scene. :D
  8. Standard
    Version: 0.27
    -finds oval track-
    Beaterhawk: Don't hurt me...
  9. Nivracer
    Version: 0.27
    Awesome track! I played this track on GT Legends not too long ago.
  10. welshtoast
    Version: 0.27
    Good job, map is looking good, has AI from the beginning!
    Can you maybe make an Oval Track at some time as BeamNG doesn`t have one at the moment as far as i know (except the one on gridmap)
    1. Ewanc
      Author's Response
      Hehe, I got bored right before I released this track and had the same thought. I made 2 hidden ovals outside of the tree lines. They were Easter eggs, but no one found them yet. One is a small drift oval from Skip Barber Driving Shool at Road Atlanta on the other side of the car bridge. The other is a generic 20m X 1600m high speed oval; located up the enbankment at the first intersection with GV-East.
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