Alpha Glass View Mountains Autumn Map V 0.95.1

An autumn mountainous area.

  1. burilkovdeni
    Warning map is 4096x4096 and has a lot of detail in it so it will lag on lower spec computers.

    This map has technical tarmac and dirt roads.

    Terrain/ map by: Straubz
    frieze and window textures by: Ouerbacker
    Tunnel after second bridge if you go left from spawn_14Road by: bobby_boulgat
    Terrain/ map edits by: burilkovdeni
    20170115002555_1.jpg 20170206162525_1.jpg

    Please do not reupload without my permission.
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Recent Updates

  1. fixes.
  2. made town area lagg lessish.
  3. Path fixing

Recent Reviews

  1. MilanKD
    Version: V 0.94
    I like it, but please make it more fps friendly for us low-end pc users
    1. burilkovdeni
      Author's Response
      I will do an FPS version at some point in time.
  2. TimJensen
    Version: V 0.92
    Yeah i really enjoy this map! But altough it is very laggy.
  3. Driv3r1142
    Version: V 0.92
    Great map, love to drive on it, really one of my favorites right now, however even with a GTX 1070 this map gives me lag issues.

    However its a combination of the map being un-optimized and my hardware not being top of the line, so I can't really say that its a con. I love it, though as a note to lower end users, you may have to remove some of the static objects from the town if you want a stable framerate whilst enjoying higher graphics settings.

    Well worth downloading, even if its just an upgrade to an older map.
  4. diverxD
    Version: V 0.92
    PC Specs Gtx1060 extreme gaming Intel I5 Windows 10
    1. burilkovdeni
      Author's Response
      On what parts of the does it lagg.

      Thanks for help.
  5. Dean Wang
    Dean Wang
    Version: V 0.92
    i can kinda deja vu only if less lag
  6. Colonel_Potter
    Version: V 0.92
    Cool map. Found the trails, broke out a rock crawler. It's fun to drive around on them, exploring. Had no lag, averaged around 35fps on my old computer with a GeForce 560 series video card. But then again, that is on low settings because my computer has MB issues and is limping along. Anyway, fun to play, lots of places to explore.
  7. gigawert
    Version: V 0.92
    1. burilkovdeni
      Author's Response
      I corrected the error thanks for telling me.
  8. Driver2900
    Version: V 0.8
    its not bad, but the roads should be bigger, i don't think 2 covets can go side by side.
    1. burilkovdeni
      Author's Response
      On which can two covets not go side by side??
  9. ScreamingZ1
    Version: V 0.7
    fun trail riding!
  10. carmenara
    Version: V 0.7
    The starting zone selection doesn't work and only a hardcore offroader might get out of the starting valley. Vegetation colors look very odd and unnnatural. Load times are extremely long and error messages related to missing materials stall the loading to the point of locking up my computer once.
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