Beta Gladius ® Kazuno 1.3L 2.0

Japan Wankel Motor Car

  1. Bula
    -Spects: "Wankel" Motor 1.3L 3cls, 180hp - 210nm, N/A.
    -This Car simulates the Wankel Engine, it is really a 3-cylinder in line whose sound was processed in Audacity® to achieve such "Effect". The Car is special for Drifting, its weight distribution is 50/50. View attachment 910229 BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_34_42.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_35_34.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_35_46.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_36_15.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_36_33.png BeamNGdrive-0241113408-RELEASE-x6411_05_202219_37_27.png

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 2.0
    The rear looks weirdbut otherwise its perfect
    1. Bula
      Author's Response
      Yeah, it is based on Mzd Rx-7 (fd)
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