Gavril Vertex NA2 3.1 Rework

Completely reworked. The most customizable vehicle in the game! 98 configs and 1300 parts to choose

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Introducing the Gavril Vertex NA2

    Very big thank you to my friend here ^w^
    The Gavril Vertex. BeamNG's most customizable vehicle.
    It is basing on a Ford Focus NA2. It is however not a complete replica but more of it's own thing. That hasn't stopped me from replicating various irl Foci and it's lore.

    2 years of work with a combined ~1500+ hours over the updates has turned this otherwise kind of boring economy sedan into a customization heaven!
    All of this would not have been possible without the help of @Nacho Problem , @Theo Wilkinson , @Shadows and all of my trusted testers!

    The mod is stuffed full of ways to make it your own. A bunch of the parts included arent even used on any of the configs! Some easter eggs are hidden as well of course :)

    Please take your time to read through the description. It is worth it.

    Anyways, here some pictures!

    screenshot_2022-08-23_03-06-02.png screenshot_2022-08-23_03-06-31.png screenshot_2022-08-23_03-07-17.png screenshot_2022-08-23_03-07-50.png screenshot_2022-08-23_01-31-55.png

    Image of all configurations

    There are some add ons for this mod!
    For example, a removed config for this version and a legacy version can be gotten on the discussion thread.
    There also is a Pride add on available on the repository

    In the following spoilers you'll find a lot of the mod content, because this is just too much to show in one description here

    List of various features:
    Well.. lets begin with a list of what the mod contains
    • 1300 selectable parts
    • 10 engines to choose
    • 49 liveries
    • A domelight and ambient footwell lighting that can be turned on
    • Openable doors
    • Fully interactable interior with triggers that control various functions
    • AFR tuning and camshaft timing tuning to tune your engine in depth!
    • A unique drag system that makes the car have drastically less top speed when body panels are removed. Certain add on parts even reduce drag
    • Glowing brakes
    • Lots of custom screens and html
    • Loads of engine customization, twincharging, aspiration in any way you want kinda (also a sideways blower)
    • Gauge cluster lights up when starting the engine
    • A working radio that can be edited to have more music!
    Included Engines:
    -Ecobooscht 1.0l i3
    -Enduratec 2.0l i4
    -Enduratorq 2.0l TDCI i4
    -Jargl Modular 2.5l T i5
    -Enduratec 3.0l V6
    -Gavril Stallion 4.6l V8
    -BEV Electric Motor
    -REV Electric Motor
    -Dual Electric Motors
    -Deo Volente 9.5l V8

    Notable quirks and features, custom LUA stuff:
    The Laptop in this mod has various cool functions! You can make it show a large map, performance stats, or just look at a desktop. It also has 3 easter eggs in it regarding the engine :p

    Interior triggers to press

    Openable doors

    The brakes can glow!

    AFR and Camshaft timing tuning

    The Infotainment screen has a backup camera. It also shows the currently playing music

    Nitrous creates some exhaust fire


    When turning the engine on, the car key twists!

    And... There also is a fully functional Taximeter.
    The Taximeter's prices can be adjusted in the tuning menu. It will also notify you about how much you have to pay after each respawn ;)

    NEONS!!! They're cool right? I disallow you to disagree

    There is a flying car config

    D187C19C-2EE7-4B1E-A637-2AB136B9CAC4.jpeg 2CEFE8A7-7A6B-4C4A-8501-797C5E04B117.jpeg 6ACA00AF-88EA-493E-BD31-20D0EA5E567B.png 07B1A747-5CAC-4006-9728-5D9ECBECE5D5.png 75AA646B-4543-44B3-B75C-073AE2BC5220.png 044B03FA-4C8B-4DFC-86CC-95ED586A6A3B.jpeg AF30F9F8-9041-40B0-9CB2-1D9887EF9993.png 503A6173-FE97-4C7F-B2DB-A89DD3895597.png 5169A754-E345-40BE-9E51-E8AE523B6733.png A6B423D8-3311-4F6A-AA9C-E908F0EF48C8.png B9D1042B-73A9-4C1F-8A2E-87A5376C71B4.png 2A549718-3FE7-44BE-BE3C-977829C581DD.png 88ECA2F3-B009-48F5-92EE-2FFE928F0BE0.jpeg screenshot_2022-08-23_01-12-27.png screenshot_2022-08-23_01-12-13.png screenshot_2022-08-23_01-13-27.png screenshot_2022-08-23_01-13-07.png D31C1966-5682-4D0E-8455-9ED04F2846D7.png C55C09BF-B248-4302-A433-AE17BBBC9F8E.png 3E4D46B9-93B3-4B62-A5EE-EDE4AC17DAD0.png

    A bunch of extra screenshots and scenes:
    7B74B13B-B3FF-4E82-86C6-3CF24260B6EB.jpeg 4C1002B4-D6F6-454F-9049-53DBE6345455.jpeg BB53AB5C-FAD9-4AF7-8B3B-6AC1433209EA.jpeg F112C7FF-E438-4723-8B03-E8A9BD7C998D.jpeg IMG_0934.jpeg 1AE8E1A4-C715-43CA-B853-9F81EC2EDF68.png 20220822182608_1.png 20220822182622_1.png 7CE7816F-B076-41A7-8D41-F7CC2D9FCC04.jpeg A6BEDF76-61DA-439D-9380-00A0AC4E8C52.jpeg 3BB329E5-9E19-4E97-8D6A-211B9D99EBD3.jpeg 4C489421-2DB8-45EA-A1D8-7CFC595686B9.jpeg 31F5B7E0-3DB5-4710-AF69-7365D6B3A30F.jpeg DAC50D53-AEAF-4145-9364-56039F14581E.jpeg 67A2A775-7EAE-410B-AF7D-896CAD363C80.jpeg

    screenshot_2022-08-24_02-44-42.png screenshot_2022-08-24_02-45-08.png screenshot_2022-08-24_02-45-27.png
    50km/h, 80km/h and side impact at ~70km/h
    screenshot_2022-08-24_02-49-55.png screenshot_2022-08-24_02-50-57.png screenshot_2022-08-24_02-52-54.png

    How to add music to the radio:


    Next song: CTRL M
    Past song: CTRL B
    More volume: CTRL H
    Less volume: CTRL N
    Turn Off Radio: CTRL V
    Toggle Autoplay: CTRL 9
    Next Playlist: CTRL 5
    Past Playlist: CTRL 6

    Airplane Config:
    Roll/Ailerons + Rudder (axis): [Whatever your steering control is] (can be inverted in the parts menu)
    Pitch/Elevators (axis): Left Stick Y axis

    Pitch/Elevators (up): SHIFT R
    Pitch/Elevators (down): SHIFT F
    Toggle Ambient Footwell Lighting: CTRL 3
    Toggle Domelight: CTRL 4
    Toggle Underglow: CTRL 1
    Change Underglow Pattern: CTRL 2
    Shoot cannon: Shift + Space
    Open all Doors: O
    Toggle NOS Fire: K
    Air suspension: look at in game controls


    I want to thank everyone who helped me out with this gigantic mod!
    • @Nacho Problem kicking the rework off, modeling the new body and various pieces of customization, bug testing, ideas and so much more
    • @Theo Wilkinson for entirely remodeling the interior with brand new textures, bug testing
    • @Shadows Making over 30 high quality skins, taking high quality pictures
    • @szanto_sz modeling the Okudai bodykit, allowing me to use the Clockwise 533 rims, bug testing
    • @D-Troxx modeling and texturing the new factory wheels and hubcaps, allowing me to use the SSR Vienna and Work Equip rims
    • @AX53 for the stretched tire textures for the SSR Viennas
    • @HR28QT for the Donk rims and making the gauge cluster textures
    • @Alex_The_Gamer for making the boost gauge textures and setting the Nürburgring time with the Time Attack config, bug testing
    • @B25Mitch for the STIG model and jbeam (Branding removed from textures by me)
    • ModdingForDummies, for helping me figure out various things
    • @Dummiesman for helping with lua and other things as well, the Odometer lua code
    • @Shiokarai for the fire extinguisher model and texture
    • @ItsJustCurtis for the base of the underglow jbeam
    • @StivJocuri for roof rack model and roof box jbeam and model
    • @vistabluemk2 for originally coming up with the idea of creating this vehicle in automation, reference images, many suggestions which lead this mod to what it became
    • @gabester for making a bunch the music used in the radio
    • @player965347 for the DT wing mesh
    • All of my testers for finding bugs so that I could fix them and taking a lot of amazing pictures

    Have fun with my mod and leave a rating if you want to!

    Do not upload the file to any other websites. Ask before using my models and give credit

    If you want to support me financially, you can also get the Golden Vertex!
    I uploaded it on Ko-Fi. It costs 1€. You can spend more if you want or just donate. It's just a little thank you for those who choose to support me and my craft :)
    It is not just a Vertex but painted golden, but it also weights as much as if it was painted in gold. Above that, the lights, rims and exhaust tips are golden as well and all parts can be mounted as small accents on your own config as well

    Please use the discussions tab or just DM me if you experience issues or have questions.

    -The taxi divider wall's right side rear facing window has a weird texture
    Tried to fix it many times, no clue why it does that

    -The vehicle doesn't spawn/is invisible
    Try playing the game with ONLY the Gavril Vertex mod activated. if it doesnt work then, clear cache and re-install the mod. If it still doesnt work DM ME and send me images of the console in game.

    According to MightyCaprice, the Beater engine mod by Derpdeherp conflicts with the Vertex.
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Recent Reviews

  1. icycle86
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Great mod, love it so much. You should make the doors close like on the Covet, and the hood and trunk too. Also, You should Collab with Finn Wilkinson to make a school bus, as You both have made my favorite mods. It could be based off of a Blue Bird Vision (modern), or a Blue bird All American (modern).
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoy the mod!
      Also, I don't really understand what you mean with "making the doors close like on the covet", because.... they already do??? Did you download the rework version? Or read the mod description?
      I also am not planning on creating a bus mod, while busses are cool, I prefer to create performance vehicles in the future.
  2. harwinder.gill
  3. Kemop
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Greatest mod out there
  4. Candy 648
    Candy 648
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Congrats on 69 mods lmao
  5. ThatSubieKid
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    love the mod, keep up the good work!
  6. the pigeon guy
    the pigeon guy
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    i don't know if i got the last update but, did you add the covet door system? still an amazing mod
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Well, open the doors and find out. If you’re that unsure, maybe reinstall the mod with the current update
  7. Serialjwalker00
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    This mod is just fantastic! Thank you for all the hard work making an intensely fun pack like this for the beam community. One of the best mod packs i have seen having had almost since day one i am really impressed with the talent and care that went into this.
  8. j-beam infrastructure
    j-beam infrastructure
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Amazing mod, also I see you put CMR's Nissan NX Coupe "Cookie" in there with the I4 speed config :D
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      What‘s CMR‘s Nissan NX Coupé?
      Thanks for the rating though!
  9. Alexcov
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Absolutely fantastic mod. Only issue is the rollcage is extreamly weak and so is the car chasis. Try to crash it and compare it against the Bruckell Bastion, the most similar car. Everything else it´s perfect, what a job .
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      I wouldn’t say the bastion is the most similar car, as there’s a 10 year technology gap between them. The car should have strength comparable to the Sunburst tho some things were of course changed and rigidified or weakened. The rollcage should behave the same way.
      Thank you for your review :3
  10. I<3ChickenWings&V8
    Version: 3.1 Rework
    Great Mod!
    Two small little details its really lacking are a engine shutoff sound and engine torque inertia.
    Both these give quite the realism to it.
    Otherwise a high quality vehicle.
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      It has both of those though?
      I am using base game engine sounds.
      What do you mean with "engine torque inertia"? The engines rev like they should
      Thanks for the rating though
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