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Beta Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.0.1.

Adds more parts to the Gavril T-Series. By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Packaging Fix

    Gregory TheGamer
    - Fixed Packaging Issue. We packaged it incorrectly, guess that's what time pressure does to you.
  2. Digital Update

    Gregory TheGamer
    Enter the modern age with the brand new modernized cab for post-2010's trucking.

    Brand NEW:

    - Modern Cab
    - Modern Hood
    - Modern Headlight Units
    - Modern, handcrafted dashboard
    - Transmission improvements
    - Engine improvements
    - Several new parts

    The second generation of the Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack media:
    screenshot_2020-08-26_21-03-03.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-03-54.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-07-01.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-08-19.png

    The new dash is nowhere near complete! The...​
  3. The Long Awaited Update

    Gregory TheGamer
    Howdy truckers,

    Today we got you a long-awaited update. This update adds the following:
    • Improved VRX engine mesh.
    • Improved T85 Frame.
    • Added T75 Short Frame.
    • Added Large Diameter Mitred exhaust stacks.
    • Added V660 and V710 turbochargers.
    • Added ABS to the T85 Frame.
    • Updated engines to work with BeamNG.drive 0.12.x.
    • Updated transmissions to work with BeamNG.drive 0.12.x.
    What are we working on for Public 1.7.1?
    • ...
  4. Heavy Haulin' Here We Come!

    Gregory TheGamer
    Hey everyone,

    This is by far the biggest update for the T-Series in general! This update adds the T85 Frame together with some work in progress parts. The Utility Frame is also a new part. It can be placed behind the sleeper cab. The utility frame also comes with its own set of parts. A fuel tank at the top, and a cabinet at the bottom. Both the frame and the cabinet need some improving which will come the next. The VRX lettering sadly didn't make it into this...
  5. The V8 Got Into A Semi Too?

    Gregory TheGamer

    Hey everyone,

    This update adds a new engine and reworks ALL turbo's. Now if you select the T850 turbo, you actually get 850 Horsepower instead of 1100. This update also adds new textures to each engine and even adds a V8. With mesh and all.

    The V8 Mesh is a work in progress, so don't rate poorly because of a bad mesh. Trust us, we're working on it.

    We hope you'll enjoy this update and we hope to keep you truckin' for hours!

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  6. Engine & Transmission Fix

    Gregory TheGamer
    This update fixes the engines, adds the transmissions back in, but removes the configurations. Why did we remove the configs? Well because we need to rework them. They will be added back in for update 1.5.2. We wish a lot of fun with this update!
    Drive safe and happy truckin'!

    GTG Mods Team
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  7. The Update You All Have Been Waiting For!

    Gregory TheGamer
    Version Public 1.5
    The Update You All Have Been Waiting For!

    This update adds nothing, but it updates the engines and their turbo's to be powertrain compatible. This update, however, removes the transmissions. As they require a bit more time.

    I hope you all enjoy this update!
  8. Carin' about the Atmosphere

    Gregory TheGamer
    Hi there,

    This update adds some new parts and fixes some things.

    Adds a new engine:
    • Gavril TCER I6 Diesel Engine
    Adds turbo's for that engine:
    • TE300
    • TE350
    • TE400
    • TE450
    • TE500
    Adds a new transmission:
    • 18-Speed Manual Transmission
    Adds 9 new configurations:
    • Gavril T75 TUX Special...
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  9. Keepin' Hot

    Gregory TheGamer

    This update adds one new engine and two new configurations. Here's the changelog:
    1 New engine:
    • Gavril TEX I6 Diesel Engine
    2 New Configs:
    • Gavril T75 Fifth Wheel Upfit Rocky Road Edition
    • Gavril T65 275 Flatbed
    We hope you enjoy this update!
    Greetings, GTG Mods Team.
  10. Spawn Fix

    Gregory TheGamer
    This update should fix the Spawn error!
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