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Beta Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.0.1.

Adds more parts to the Gavril T-Series. By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Gregory TheGamer


    We once sought the need to expand the Gavril T-Series. So we did. As a matter of fact, we have added many parts and never seen before features on the vehicle. From what started out as a simple engine mod by the individual Gregory TheGamer, has grown to be one of the most high-quality mods for the T-Series. All parts are handcrafted by the GTG Mods Team, which was founded by Gregory TheGamer. And tested by our trusty BETA-Testers via our BETA-Testing Program.

    So what are you waiting for? Download this mod along with its prerequisite, the GTG Commons Mod and start trucking in the modern age. Click here for the Link!

    • Many new transmissions
    • Many new engines with custom sounds
    • New frames
    • New cab, hood, and dashboard
    • Many more!

    screenshot_00256_forum.png screenshot_00257_forum.png screenshot_00258_forum.png screenshot_00270.png screenshot_00277_blog.png screenshot_00278_blog.png screenshot_00285_blog.jpg screenshot_2020-08-26_21-03-03.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-03-54.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-07-01.png screenshot_2020-08-26_21-08-19.png

    Version Database:
    Public 1.0:
    -Initial Release.
    -3 New engines.
    -1 New transmission.
    Public 1.1:
    -Deleted 1 engine.
    -Updated to BeamNG.drive 0.5.4.
    Public 1.2:
    -Fixed spawning bug.
    Public 1.3:
    -1 New engine.
    -2 New Configs.
    Public 1.4:
    -1 New engine.
    -1 New transmission.
    -9 New Configs.
    Public 1.5:
    -Update to 0.8.x
    -Removed 18-Gear Transmission. (Will be added back in the mod soon.
    Public 1.5.1:
    -Update to 0.9.x
    -Fixed the engines.
    -Lowered power output by 100 Nm Torque.
    -Adds back the transmissions. (Including the 18-Speed transmission.)
    Public 1.5.2:
    -Update to 0.10.x
    -Redone all turbos. Now you'll get 850 HP with the T850 turbo.
    -Added a new engine. the Gavril VRX V8 Diesel Engine.
    -All engines have their own textures now.
    Public 1.6:
    -Improved VRX mesh.
    -1 New Frame; T85 Heavy Haulage frame.
    -Fixed transmissions.
    Public 1.7:
    -Improved VRX engine mesh.
    -Improved T85 Frame.
    -Added T75 Short Frame.
    -Added Large Diameter Mitred exhaust stacks.
    -Added V660 and V710 turbochargers.
    -Added ABS to the T85 Frame.
    -Updated engines to work with BeamNG.drive 0.12.x.
    -Updated transmissions to work with BeamNG.drive 0.12.x.

    Public 2.0.0:
    See the Updates tab.
    Public 2.0.1:
    - Fixed packaging issue.


    GTG Mods Team: The genius creators!
    gabester: For the I6 Mesh.

    Known Issues:
    Slight texture adjustments needed.
    Major File Size Optimizations needed.

    Got more issues? Let us know!

    Need support with this mod? Feel free to contact us!
    Any suggestions? Reply below!
    Feel free to check out our Discord!

    Don't forget to check out our website!

    ____________________________Happy Truckin'___________________________

Recent Updates

  1. Packaging Fix
  2. Digital Update
  3. The Long Awaited Update

Recent Reviews

  1. wangyiming721
    Version: Public 2.0.1.
  2. Jun
    Version: Public 2.0.1.
    american truck simulator but in BeamNG
  3. PresidentJukeBox
    Version: Public 2.0.1.
    Keep those hammers down 10-4!
  4. CommanderValour
    Version: Public 2.0.0.
    Having same problem cant seem to get it in game
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      For issues, please refer to the Discussion thread!
  5. bmwcrazy456
    Version: Public 2.0.0.
    Like the Cat Trucker, I'm rating this based on the pictures; I can't seem to find the GTG commons mod anywhere :(
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      The GTG Commons Mod has been uploaded right now and is going to thru the Approval process! We are terribly sorry for the late release!
  6. The Cat Trucker
    The Cat Trucker
    Version: Public 2.0.0.
    I am giving five stars because the pictures look amazing! But I have downloaded this through both the in-game repository and the old fashioned way and I cannot get this mod to work. I only get two engines (V8 and V12) and a few transmissions (10 speed, 13 speed, and i forget the rest) I haven't seen and other parts or configs from the mod. If you could please help me with this that would be great since I will then be able to make a YouTube video on this mod showing how great it is!
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Please refer to the discussion thread for issues. A V12? That's odd, this mod doesn't add a V12.
  7. DaddelZeit
    Version: Public 2.0.0.
    Thank you
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      You're welcome!
  8. RecklessRodeo
    Version: Public 2.0.0.
    Now, this is perfection. More mods for the truck is always good.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Thank you, sir, for the nice words!
  9. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: Public 1.7.0.
    Very good mod, I love the 8-wheeled version!
  10. HawaiianLyon
    Version: Public 1.7.0.
    Really cool! I haven't had the chance to try out all the presets yet, but the 8x6 is really high quality and the extra engines are neat. It's not made clear what's special about each engine, so I don't know which ones are best for each purpose. The custom rear wheels on the 8x6 don't support IYB's custom offroad tires, because the axles are custom, which is a bit disappointing but nothing major.

    I don't know if this is still being updated but I'll take what I can get! Thanks for a cool mod.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Hey there,

      Thanks for your kind review! I didn't know people were still downloading this mod. To be honest, the development of my mods is going crazy slow. at the moment. Too busy with other things and no longer have the energy to do things.

      Thank you again for your kind review, an update is planned!

      Gregory U. - Founder GTG Mods Team
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