Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack Public 2.1.1c

Trucking Redefined. READ DESCRIPTION! By: The GTG Mods Team

  1. Gregory TheGamer
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    Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack

    Trucking Redefined

    What is this mod about?
    The Gavril T-Series Expansion Pack is a mod that features carefully designed parts to truly enhance the trucking experience with the Gavril T-Series.

    We are aiming to add a level of detail to the Gavril T-Series that no one has seen before. Starting from our focus to modernize the semi to the 2007 - 2027 era (what we call Phase-IV), we are planning to go from modern to antique. We have at least another 2 - 3 years of development planned for this mod, and each update releases 2 months apart.

    With an ever-expanding feature list, this project grows more complex with each and every update. And our recent, officially created partnership with @NOCARGO will re-invent trucking in BeamNG as we know it.

    Heavy-Haul Ready

    One of the many unique touches of this project is the addition of the T85-Frame. This frame, in combination with the most powerful production semi-truck engine (comes in at a whopping 1050 bhp, and 5250Nm) and 18-Speed Manual Transmission will easily pull a heavy-haulage job.

    Larger Sleepers

    A long-time wish of the BeamNG trucking community has always been the addition of larger sleepers. We fulfill that wish with brand new sleepers fitted with a full interior. (78" as of now)


    The all-new Phase-IV production phase brings the Gavril T-Series up to the 21st century. A single-piece windshield improves visibility, a new hood with a different light mounting, and an all-new 21st-century interior.
    Production Phase-IV runs from 2007 to 2027.

    Advanced Features

    This project features special coding made by @NOCARGO to make this project as advanced as possible. Current features such as the advanced On-Board Computer, which features a digital speedometer, digital turbo-pressure gauge, average fuel use, current fuel use, fuel range, fuel capacity, and a functional options menu to both reset average fuel use and the trip-odometer. The non-functional odometer has been replaced with a fully functional, digital odometer and trip-odometer for maximum immersion. It doesn't stop there, long-awaited features such as the functional and audible Jake Brake, Retarder, Diesel BOV, and even shift logic will change the way you drive and operate the Gavril T-Series

    Oh, and did we mention manually refillable fuel tanks? The T-Series no longer uses BeamNG's original fuel system. The fuel level is saved between sessions. (Temporarily disabled)

    screenshot_2021-11-05_11-55-17_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_11-56-31_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_11-58-19_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_11-58-46_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_11-58-58_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_12-00-36_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_12-01-38_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_12-01-47_edited.png screenshot_2021-11-05_12-02-07_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-02-31_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-04-12_3_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-09-44_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-10-23_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-11-37_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-16-11_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-16-42_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-17-16_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-17-36_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-18-14_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-18-42_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-19-54_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-20-57_edited.png screenshot_2021-09-04_19-21-44_edited.png screenshot_2021-04-26_01-31-40.png 284160_20210308213441_1.png 284160_20210308213447_1.png 284160_20210308213524_1.png 284160_20210308213623_1.png 284160_20210308215207_1.png 284160_20210308215226_1.png 284160_20210308215245_1.png 284160_20210308215550_1.png 284160_20210308215556_1.png 284160_20210308220255_1.png 284160_20210308220306_1.png 284160_20210308220318_1.png 284160_20210308220325_1.png 284160_20210308220337_1.png 284160_20210308221417_1.png 284160_20210308221433_1.png 284160_20210308221913_1.png 284160_20210308221919_1.png 284160_20210308221938_1.png 284160_20210402144108_1.png 284160_20210402144123_1.png 284160_20210402144113_1.png
    - Special thanks to @Sweeper for providing the images.
    Screenshot_2021-05-09_031726.png Screenshot_2021-05-10_153542.png Screenshot_2021-05-10_154036.png Screenshot_2021-05-10_161957.png Screenshot_2021-05-10_162150.png
    - Special thanks to @Logan Oram Feltham for providing the images


    This mod REQUIRES the GTG Commons Mod & D-Troxx Truck, Trailer, and Bus Wheels to work properly. If these are missing, certain parts will not show up!

    This mod is incompatible with any T-Series mod that overwrites stock game files. We have added and/or revamped parts that required us to replace the original game files. This is a design choice!

    Do not use the reviews as a way to post issues. Go to the FAQ on the dedicated forum thread instead!

    Check us out on Patreon if you wish to support us!

    Click here to go to the dedicated Forum/FAQ thread.
    Click here for more information on this mod.


    - Gregory - Lead Producer
    - Robben - Producer
    - Eizens - Ex-Producer
    - Jeremiah - Producer
    - NOCARGO - Partnership
    - T1IRE$MOKE - Gifted Parts
    - Ryo13Silvia - Gifted Parts
    - BETA-Testing Program - Finding bugs (pre 2.0.3b)
    - Quality Assurance Division - Findings bugs (post 2.0.3b)

    FooterNote.png NoRe-uploadingPlease.png

    © 2016 - 2021 GTG Mods Team. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Public 2.1.1c
  2. Public 2.1.0b
  3. Public 2.0.6f

Recent Reviews

  1. Mullayho
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    The fact that you are working on an infotaiment alone is worth 5 stars. The fourt axle on the t85 doesn't have wheels tho
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Hi there,

      Thank you for your review!

      It does have wheels. You're just missing our core mod. The links are in the overview and in the discussion tabs.

      Yours sincerely,

      - the GTG Mods Team
  2. Yellowracer
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
  3. westburyishere
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    looks cool but should i put it in the vehicles folder?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
  4. Nautiwryn
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    I am a big fan of the amount of content that this mod adds. The only thing I think I would possibly want more from it is a six or seven speed manual with selectable range so I can drive with my H-shifter.
    Excellent work fellas.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Hi there,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      The following transmissions can be used without hiccup with any H-shifter:

      Gavril 6-Speed
      TorqueMax 13-Speed
      TorqueMax 18-Speed
      Knightonn 16-Speed

      The Gavril 12-Speed will get shift-logic in due time.

      Thank you for choosing us.

      Yours sincerely,

      - the GTG Mods Team
  5. mhegai
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    This mod is good. Altough i have a few problems, i will leave them in the discussion tab tomorrow.
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
  6. Jerryst1013
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    I have zero complaints on this mod I am a truck driver based out of NC and I love this mod. Thank you!
  7. dariusz126p
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
  8. SzoxHun
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    Best mod for the T-series
  9. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: Public 2.1.1c
    Nothing to say, exept it's incredible !
  10. Sid the Suck
    Sid the Suck
    Version: Public 2.1.0b
    I really really like this mod and wish I could use it with no problems. For some reason after crashing any of your configs then resetting it it will spawn with a broken radiator and both exhausts not working. No idea why this is happening, I removed all mods that were for the T-Series. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?
    1. Gregory TheGamer
      Author's Response
      Hey there,

      That's a known bug caused by the advanced scripting (i.e. the jake brake), but that should be fixed with the next upcoming version.

      Our apologies for the inconvenience.

      Yours sincerely,

      - the GTG Mods Team
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