Gavril T-series addon v0.4.0

Race parts, Trailers, car lift, containers

  1. AR162B
    Race Parts, Container, hay, dryvan trailers, car lift, container props.

    Made by AR162b for BeamNG.Drive


    Version 0.4.0 03-08-2016
    Tested on BeamNG.DRIVE version
    Third Version!


    This mod is an add-on, not a separate vehicle. It doesn't overwrite any original file. It shows up under the original semi in the vehicle selector.

    Summary 0.2.1: Updated and added racing parts, added all trailers, added car lift.
    Summary 0.2.2: Updated jbeams and added scenario
    Summary 0.3.0: Updated jbeams, added containers, separated trailers as a separate vehicle, added dryvan trailers, bogies, dollies


    Installation instructions:

    1) If present, (re)move the old mod version (and any other possible conflicting semi mod) out of ...\Documents\\mods\
    2) Download the zip file and put it the mod directory.
    3) If present, remove the mods old DAE cache folder: ...\Documents\\cache.0.6.#.#\vehicles\semi
    4) Enjoy the game



    This mod consists out of five parts:

    - common: bogies and dollies
    - dryvan: trailers based on the dryvan
    - trailersAR162B: The trailers previously in my semi mod
    - containers: containers as a prop.
    - semi: the upfits and parts for the semi


    Common parts:

    bogie_single: just like the original two axle bogie but cut in half, flexbody and jbeam wise. (Uses the rear suspension parts)

    dolly: It's is a near copy of the original bogie (it uses the bogie flexbodie and jbeams), but:
    - renamed slots, nodes, rails etc (also for the suspension parts, they are a renamed copy of the bogie parts)
    - added drawbar slot
    - added kingpin attachment
    - added semi's fifthwheel flexbody

    dolly_single: like the bogie_single it is cut in half (but uses the front suspension)
    - w.r.t. the two axle dolly it has also a kingp2 attachment so it can only rotate around the vertical axis

    added a custom drawbar

    Custom Heavy Duty trailer coupling meshes


    dryvan parts:

    screenshot_00275.png screenshot_00239.png trailer_combinations.jpg screenshot_00531_1920.jpg

    - Three versions available: long (regular), short and leadtrailer.
    - added a heavy duty drawbar receiver mesh and jbeam (coupler tag is tow_hitch_HD)
    - front part is a separate part
    - rear part is a separate part
    - remolded the rear frame to be used at the front
    - copied and changed the rear doors so they can be used at the front (it uses the same rear door flexbody)
    - added simple loading decks so one is able to drive between trailers
    - don't select the simple loading plate and car lift at the same time.

    dryvan_ar162b: A near copy of the original one, but:
    - changed the dolly slot to have node offset; the dolly is exactly like the bogie centered around (0,0,0) by default (the bogie slot also has a nodeoffset)
    - Added tow hitch slot
    - added kingp2 attachment so a single axle dolly can be used
    - removed the front part
    - car lift available
    - second deck available

    - mesh and flebody are simply cut
    - doors are moved and changed the attachment nodes
    - rear frame is moved, flexbody is remolded
    -'rear bumper' is remolded rear frame flexbody
    - added special rear bogie, stretched the bogies frame (added nodes) and added semi's fifth wheel flexbody & n/b
    - removed the front part

    - mesh and flebody are simply cut
    - doors are moved and changed the attachment nodes
    - removed the front part
    - car lift available
    - second deck available
    - Added loads


    Flatbed Parts:

    screenshot_00577_1920.jpg screenshot_00567_1920.jpg screenshot_00587_1920.jpg

    New in this version; I've taken the old one out and customized the official version. It was very simple as the jbeams are very similar to the dryvan. Just like the dryvan, it has a leadtrailer and a puptrailer.

    Added custom loads for the leadtrailer and puptrailer,
    A hay load as front and rear load
    A custom ramp
    A simple loading plate to be able to drive between trailers.


    Tanker parts:


    Not much, but changed the files a bit so it can use my Dollies and can have a heavy duty tow hook.


    AR162B trailers: (Skeleton Container trailers)

    screenshot_00291.png screenshot_00243.png screenshot_00561_1920.jpg

    Removed the flatbed out of this parts as I added a complete new version in the flatbed trailer section

    Container trailers:
    - Three versions available: long, short and leadtrailer.
    - The container trailers have container 'slave' couplers, so it is possible to attach a 'prop' container.
    - The long trailer can carry a single 40ft container, but also two 20ft containers.
    - Loading decks are available to drive between trailers.



    screenshot_00286.png screenshot_00298.png

    - 20 & 40 ft containers
    - Added different colours as skins
    - closed; empty and loaded versions. The loaded version has a variable to tune the load.
    - open versions: with only at the rear or at both ends open. Doors available at the open ends.
    - couplers are attached; at the bottom there are 'master' couplers, at the top 'slave' couplers.
    - loading decks are available.

    - the open container has a lot more nodes and beams compared to the closed versions; so choosing a closed version may increase FPS on a low end computer.
    - With a low end computer; one can increase the fps by using this container prop instead of the version from the trailers, this will devide the calculations over multiple cpu cores.
    - Unfortunately there isn't a reach stacker available (yet), so one has to place/stack containers using the world editor or carefully with the node grabber.
    - Somehow the flexbody of the doors become invisible after a crash, why I don't know.


    Semi parts:

    screenshot_00661_1920.jpg screenshot_00662_1920.jpg screenshot_00663_1920.jpg

    - updated the engine and race parts
    - updated the stinger trailer
    - added the stretched exhaust stacks
    - added a stretched T75 frame
    - added a cab protector for the log stinger trailer (sleeper slot)
    - added a upfit based on the dryvan (basically it is a adjusted pup trailer upfit) including loads and the car lift also found in the dryvan puptrailer.
    - added a stinger trailer with a container. It has container 'slave' couplers, so it is possible to attach a 'prop' container.
    - The T65 race car boxed upfit is still available
    - Added a large custom flatbed with loads and a custom ramp (basically the flatbed puptrailer
    - Added a 20' container load.


    Have fun!


    - Most new parts are based on original BeamNG parts, so BeamNG. All textures are original BeamNG.
    - Myself (AR162b) for all the mods
    - The pre release testers
    - Dummiesman for the preset pictures made in his showroom for the preset pictures and his very useful nodetool to make moving things lots easier.
    - dadimr2450 for the updated racing engine figures.
    - Nadeox1 for his scenario making tutorial


    Know issues:
    - doors and loading decks of the containers can break weird (becomes partly invisible, don't know why. Checked all deformgroups and disabled meshbreaking but no effect.)
    - The car lift hasn't fitting textures.


    Long term ideas:
    - Air deflector on the sleeper cab
    - additional spotlights on the cab or heavy duty front bumper.
    - Long straight truck with a 20'container load (and maybe a container trailer)
    - Drop visors, antennas, other stacks, air lines (thanks Peterbilt)
    - More scenarios

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission!

    Like my mods? Please support me by donating via Paypal :)



    v 0.1.0 13th March 2015
    First release!

    v 0.2.1 8th December 2015
    Fixed and adjusted many race parts (engine, lots of coltris)
    Added some race parts (bumpers, decals)
    Added container, hay hauler, stinger log trailers
    Added car lift

    v 0.2.2 26th December 2015
    Fixed jbeams (tires, race engine)
    Added 'port manoeuvring' scenario

    v 0.3.0 3rd of August 2016
    Separated trailers
    updated jbeams
    added dryvan
    added bogies, dollies
    added container prop


    (Old) Screenshots:

    screenshot_00776_1920.jpg screenshot_00775_1920.jpg screenshot_00764_1920.jpg
    screenshot_00777_1920.jpg screenshot_00772_1920.jpg screenshot_00762_1920.jpg screenshot_00778_1920.jpg


    1. screenshot_00273.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Ericksonmma87
    Version: v0.4.0
    with no revisions or updates its useless. was an awesome mod until it stopped being cared about. Almost nothing works.
  2. mustang flyer
    mustang flyer
    Version: v0.4.0
    with this mod I can finally say "honey, we're stuck under a truck!"
  3. Wallyg380
    Version: v0.4.0
    For the most part, it’s good. The legs of the 20 foot trailer that attaches to the truck are too close to the back of it and won’t let the truck drive properly. Also, the connections of the white small trailer and orange small trailer don’t work properly. Please update these.
  4. CTSH_HatesTesla
    Version: v0.4.0
    please update . I love it
  5. Brady Weyer
    Brady Weyer
    Version: v0.4.0
    Oil starvation issue on all extended wheelbase trucks, also those and the stinger trucks are very 'shaky' and seem unstable. Mod needs updated.
  6. PresidentJukeBox
    Version: v0.4.0
    We seriously need a 2018 version.
  7. GameFreak01
    Version: v0.4.0
    I've been using this mod for a while but since it deosnt get updated anymore the fun is been taken away. Can you please come back and update the mod and fix the bugs we all have. Kind regards GF01
  8. Gaming Area
    Gaming Area
    Version: v0.4.0
    exelent but we want update 2018 pleaaaaaase
  9. made2download
    Version: v0.4.0
    Some upfits cause oil starvation and the frames are extremely weak...
  10. yangye347
    Version: v0.4.0
    Every trucks engine keeps starving of oil. Can't even drive it a few meters
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