Outdated Gavril H-series Addon by AR162B & SergentFido 0.5.0

Classic parts, extended (windowed) vans, side doors, lots of extra parts

  1. AR162B
    --- OUTDATED ---

    The latest BeamNg update changed many things, the van's frame and how the engine works. Most of the parts of this mod is outdated, using it will freeze the program.
    I'll try to fix it when I've some time.

    Extended, windowed Van, Classic, Sport, Heavy Duty, Mobile Billboard parts.

    Made by AR162b & SergentFido for BeamNG.Drive

    Version 0.5.0 27-01-2017

    Fourth version!

    This mod is an add-on, not a separate vehicle. It (should) (sort of) overwrite the original info.json and the keybinding files, all other files are separate. It shows up under the original van in the vehicle selector.

    Summary 0.3.0:
    Added the classic parts, haybale loads, updated jbeams, added lua for seperate lights and loading ramp keys.
    Summary 0.4.0: Updated to BeamNG v0.6.1, added lots of new textures and skins, improved parts
    Summary 0.5.0: Updated files, added classic lightbars and a Type 2 ambulance


    Many original jbeams and meshes are adjusted for this add-on

    This mod uses parts from BeamNG's orginal van:

    - Engine, used for the 'engine with snorkel' (adjusted mesh and jbeam)
    - Heavy duty 8-bolt single rear wheels
    - Obviously the bodies are based on the original one, but with the 3rd brakelight, engine compartment removed, added a hole for the side doors and depending on the version added window openings and stretched the body.

    This mod uses parts from BeamNG's orginal Gavril Barstow

    - Gauges
    - 423 CIU Engine, including blower
    - manual transmission shifter
    - Engine bay stuff

    All-new parts:

    - Classic ('old style') interior: dash, steering wheel, seats, doorpanels, shifters etc
    - Improved and added classic ('old style') exterior parts, having their own textures: front window, hood, scooped hood, fenders, grill, taillights, 3rd brakelight deletion, side mirrors, chrome window edges, bumpers
    - Engine snorkel
    - Side step tubes
    - Small flatbed, off-road style
    - Gooseneck and fifth wheel upfit
    - Extended Panel Van
    - Extended Window Van
    - Roofrack
    - Enlarged Roofrack for the extended van
    - Ladder
    - Sparewheelframe at the back
    - Cab air deflector
    - Roofrack box, tube and ladder
    - Interior cargo options; Steel box mesh is beamNG's, jbeam custom by AR162b. Boxes are 400kg (880lb) each. (new v0.2.3)
    - Passenger benches
    - Mobile billboard upfit,
    - Side doors for the van, windowed and panel
    - Spoilerlip with fog functional lights (updated v0.3.0; use the 'G' key to enable)
    - Wide sport fenderflares, jbeamed (improved v0.3.0)
    - Added rear door ladder
    - Haybales load for the flatbed (4 and 8)
    - Tow hitch and heavy duty tow hitch for the flatbed and cargobox
    - Classic lightbars; originally made for my Moonhawk mod, ported to @SergentFido 's Olds mod where he made many improvements, and now again ported and improved to this mod
    - Type 2 ambulance; based on the stretched van and added a custom roof. All other ambulance parts are taken and from the offical H45 ambulance.
    - Wigwag lights, both for the classic fascia and the modern one.



    - SergentFido Garage skin
    - AR162B racing skin
    - Rusted skin
    - Surfin' skin
    - Gavril motors
    - Delivery skin added for the extended van
    - Slightly modified Ambulance skin
    - Slightly modified Police skin ("Prisoner Transport")

    Skin instructions:

    -The short sidedoor van uses the regular van materials (inlcuding the sidedoors), should be skinned like the regular one.
    -The extended vans use the 'vanL' material, a skin map is included. Note that the sidedoors are still the regular van material.
    - The classic parts (classic windscreen surrounding) have the "oldvan_addparts_sergentfido" material, but are mapped on the regular van skin map
    - The type 2 ambulance roof uses the "van_ambu_roof_AR162B" material and uses its own skin map, this one is also included in the mod.

    Files which 'overwrite' BeamNG files

    - info.json (added additional colors, changed the year)

    All other files are copied and made separate from the original files so they can exist side by side


    - Most new parts are BeamNG's original D15, H15, H45 and Moonhawk parts or (greatly) based on original BeamNG parts, so BeamNG
    "SergentFido for the beautiful new Van interior design, interior & exterior textures and skins, mesh improvements, ideas, feedback, testing support etc etc.
    - Myself (AR162b) for all other parts
    - Aboroath, Peterbilt, Synsol and MrAngry for testing and feedback
    - oshawott for the interior idea
    - Synsol for the fifth wheel idea
    - JorgePinto for te classic door handle idea
    - Dummiesman for his showroom used for the picture on the mobile billboard and the preset pictures
    - www.myfreetextures.com for the rust textures, used as base


    Long term ideas:

    - Passenger van interior



    v 0.1.0 17th October 2014
    First release!

    v 0.2.0 15th January 2015
    Added boxed, flatbed and small twin axle trailers
    Added back-of-cab, flatbedrails, air deflector
    Fixed pushbar, slotted mags, air intake

    v 0.2.1 4th February 2015
    Changed the 'van_cargobox' material to 'cargobox', removed from mod's material.cs
    Updated all the wheels to the specs
    Updated all the brakes to the specs
    Updated the van's front and rear suspension to the specs
    Updated the cab, body and cargobox jbeam to the specs
    Removed the 'back of cab' (yes I did fix the backlight glass...)
    Stiffened up the suspension of the cargobox, antirollbar added (still difficult to drive)
    Raised the front suspension of the full flatbed trailer a bit
    Added a node to the snorkel engine air intake in the engine bay to prevet clipping
    Coltri's added to the drawbars of the boxed and flatbed trailer
    Selfcollission disabled for the boxed trailer's wheels

    v 0.2.2 June 2015
    non public, test release. see v0.2.3 for content

    v 0.2.3 25th June 2015
    Removed most off-road parts
    Updated wheels and tires
    Updated body jbeams (windhield node group...)
    Added spoilerlip with foglights, sport sideskirts
    Added mobile billboard upfit
    Added roofrack parts
    Added interior cargo options and passenger benches
    Updated engine snorkel mesh (engine bay)
    Added extended van, panel and windowed
    Added van side doors

    v 0.3.0 29th October 2015
    Removed Boxed trailer preset, parts still available
    Added classic parts
    Added manual transmissions
    Added Diesel engine with adjusted automatic transmission
    Added haybale load
    Improved the small trailer
    Improved the full trailer

    v 0.4.0 11th August 2016
    Added lots of new textures, skins thanks to SergentFido
    Added lots of small new parts
    Updated jbeams
    Updated meshes
    Removed the trailers
    Changed the billboard to work with the skin system
    Added couplers
    Added second layer for skin support

    v 0.5.0 27th January 2017
    Updated lots of files
    Added Type 2 ambulance
    Added Classic lightbars
    Added wigwag lights (modern and classic version)

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission!

    Like my mods? Please support me by donating via Paypal :)


    Use the files at own risk.

    Have fun!


    screenshot_00469_1920.jpg screenshot_00437_1920.jpg screenshot_00439_1920.jpg

    screenshot_00433_1920.jpg screenshot_00442_1920.jpg screenshot_00444_1920.jpg

    screenshot_00446_47_1920.jpg screenshot_00455_53_51_1920.jpg screenshot_00457_59_1920.jpg

    screenshot_00462_65_1920.jpg screenshot_00467_1920.jpg



    By CaptanW

Recent Reviews

  1. TheIceCreamTruckKing
    Version: 0.5.0
    I love this mod! But since the new BeamNG update 0.18.1, the van goes KABLOOEY and I cant use it anymore, But besides that, its still a great mod for bringing back the nice classic feel to BeamNG!
  2. Zagra
    Version: 0.5.0
    It is an amazing mod! It does need to be updated though, and the transfercase locks up the rear wheels when engaged in 4WD.
  3. AurimasSSSR
    Version: 0.5.0
    Update the mod
  4. rnd2k
    Version: 0.5.0
    on of the best ever mods, can't live without it !
  5. Krakow26
    Version: 0.5.0
    It is a fun mod i love doing road trip scenarios with it ,but everytime i spawn it the van explodes i've cleared all my mods and it keeps exploading
  6. BaldurIsCool
    Version: 0.5.0
    Excellent mod, great for road trip lovers. Another great mod by AR162B
  7. michael_zowski
    Version: 0.5.0
    This is an amazing mod! However, if I were you, I would change one thing. I would add passengers in the extended passenger van. Otherwise, this is a great mod so far. Nice job!
  8. bmwcrazy456
    Version: 0.5.0
    One of my favorite mods! Quick question, though...

    On the Gavril Billboard van, it shows a Gavril truck next to the T-series... It is not official, what mod (if any) is it from?
  9. mik3890
    Version: 0.5.0
    I want to give YIGIT 2 "Thank you!" I did chance on all folder of van then BOOM! No more broken rear spring!! But one problem...due of orignal van body change on 0.16 update, those vans bodys look weird. Oh well I dont mind about it
  10. YİĞİT 2
    YİĞİT 2
    Version: 0.5.0
    Hi bros, I have solved the problem at rear left wheel. I want to write solution to the discussion topic but it's outdated so I am writing here. Source of the problem is "v1ll" and "v2ll" nodes. Open the mod folder and find body folders of the van. (There are few folder. For example extended body, short body vs.) Open it and find v1ll and v2ll under the "// van body". Then change the v1ll and v2ll values to same as the "v1rr" and v2rr" ones.
    Save the folder and enjoy the game.
    1. AR162B
      Author's Response
      There are some coltris who sort 'catch' the wheel. I've updated two bodies to the latest beamng release, I've to find some time to fix the other two...
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