Alpha Gavril Grand Vista 0.1

"Grand Vista is Worth Looking At"

  1. W P
    In another universe far from here, Gavril created what they thought was the perfect competitor to the Ibishu Covet.

    (Base facelifted model shown here [2000-T])

    Instead, they created this bizarre, dated, and slow glass box.

    (V8 model above [3700])

    As of current, there are 6 different version of the Grand Vista.

    A base model (2000), a mid-level trim (2400-BR5), an executive V8 model (3700), a ridiculous facelifted V10 model, a facelifted version of the base model (2000-T), and a factory-built Rally version.

    This is a VERY early version of this mod, I will make refinements as needed.

Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 0.1
    Nice car pack. Reminds me of the LeGran but a large hatchback version of it.
    1. W P
      Author's Response
      Thanks for rating!
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