Gavril Engines AND SOUND! 10.5

Add 6 new engines and a 4 new transmissions!!

  1. Balance Changes / Stock Sounds!

    This update changes the V6 and 5.6L engine, to make them more realistic. Better fuel economy for all engines! And stock sounds are now added.
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  2. More Oomph

    Just a quick update, way more to come soon!

    Gas mileage on the 5.6L and 4.7L are better, and I completely redid the 4.7L to closely resemble a PowerTech. It now makes 220 hp and 290 lb-ft.
  3. More Things!!!

    Adds a Chrysler Powertech inspired 4.7L V8, and changes the powerband on the 4.0L and changes it to a 4.2L (inspired by the Ford Essex engine)!
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