Alpha Gavril Blue Collar series 0.2

Made for the American Workplace

  1. The Blue Collar needed a quick tow, so I gave it one.

    This update is a very simple one, but a well needed one.
    It fixes the tire explosion issues and makes the mod 0.11 compatible!

    I removed some old JBeam code I forgot about that was causing a multitude of issues, mostly with the tires, but was also messing with other things. Now all wheels should work.

    I updated the track width on all stock configs to prevent the rear suspension from breaking.

    I fixed the paint being matte by default, now you can have this look like a mirror, or as matte as you want.

    New for this update is the tow truck bed;
    This thing, is a very simple add-on, more of an experimental piece of equipment than anything. It may break in future game versions due to some usage of less known about JBeam features, but it works in 0.11

    It does not deform right now due to major spiking issues I could not sort out. But I think function comes first.

    New for this update is support for the new Soundscape slot. Now you can honk at Pigeons! Or other Burnside Specials, or whatnot. BEEP BEEP :D

    There are still issues that I have probably forgotten about, but this will at-least make the mod work in current game versions.

    I was going to include more, but my project files were way to messy to include. I literally just re-downloaded the mod, placed in the updated files, and called it good.

    I'm going to eventually remake the mod from the ground up, sometime after I release the Gavril Vendetta.

    As usual feedback goes in the mod thread, not the review. The review is for your experience with the mod, the Thread is for your feedback.
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