Gavril Barstow F2 Public 1.1.4c

Pure Muscle. READ DESCRIPTION! By: the GTG Mods Team

  1. Gregory TheGamer
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    GAVRIL Barstow F2
    Pure Muscle

    What is this thing?

    The GTG Mods Team is proud to present to you our newest mod: The Gavril Barstow F2.

    What is it? The Barstow F2 is a bigger and much meaner Barstow. This vehicle is the successor to the original Barstow.

    This is the first of our line-up of in-development vehicles based upon one single platform: The Gavril F2-Type Chassis.

    F2-Type Chassis

    We have created the F2-Type Chassis to create a standardized set of components for a particular set of vehicles we are planning to make.

    Granted, we've taken the frames of the D-Series, but we are planning to incorporate changes to differentiate the two types of chassis. More info on the GTG Commons Mod page.

    232a.jpg 291a.jpg 291a_drag_blackmamba.jpg 291a_policec.jpg 291m_race.jpg 291m_tracksport.jpg 313a_policed.jpg 353a.jpg 353a_custom_policei.jpg 353a_sport.jpg 353m_rhino.jpg 423a.jpg 423a_sport.jpg 423m_stockcar_27.jpg 423m_stockcar_86.jpg 444a.jpg 444a_policei.jpg 444a_sport.jpg 526a.jpg 526a_del.jpg 526a_sport.jpg 526m_stockcar_86.jpg


    This mod REQUIRES the GTG Commons Mod to work. No GTG Commons Mod installed = No F2 Platform = No Mechanical Components.

    Do not use the reviews as a way to post issues. Go to the FAQ on the dedicated forum thread instead!

    Click here to go to the dedicated Forum/FAQ thread.
    Click here for more information on this mod.


    -Gregory - Lead Producer
    -Robben - Producer
    -Eizens - Ex-Producer
    -Gabe - Producer
    -BETA-Testing Program - Finding bugs


    Oh no! Have you got any issues? Or did you find a bug? Don't hesitate to send a message in the discussions. However, for the fastest possible response time, it may be better to join our Official Discord Server. A link to that can be found on our Website. We also suggest that you take a look at the FAQ.

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    © 2020 - 2021 GTG Mods Team. All Rights Reserved.

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  3. Public 1.1.4a

Recent Reviews

  1. alexandru 21 bn
    alexandru 21 bn
    Version: Public 1.1.4c
    I like this car from the 70s/76s and I love it respect and keep it up
  2. bussin.buses
    Version: Public 1.1.4c
    11/10 would comment about accurate ride height again

    (lol ride height is stereotypical but average 70s)
  3. Johnny_Sasaki
    Version: Public 1.1.4c
    Epic! so glad its back
  4. Gh1lgk
    Version: Public 1.1.4a
  5. salpaca53
    Version: Public 1.1.4a
    Please add a four-door variant!
  6. imma EL Camino
    imma EL Camino
    Version: Public 1.1.3c
    JESUS that ride height
  7. iateabadtaco
    Version: Public 1.1.3c
    Absolutely amazing, this is now my go to muscle car! the car is high enogh quality to be a vanilla car. Amazing job
  8. Matt_890s
    Version: Public 1.1.3c
    Great mod, lots of tire smoke when you full send it lol. Although like harpsealpup said, the Barstow is quite thicc, it’s nearly the same size as a Roamer!
  9. KH-35504
    Version: Public 1.1.3c
    SUPERBIRD! Yeeeehaw! Didn't know I needed this!
  10. harpsealpup
    Version: Public 1.1.3c
    love the thing, really gives u the power feel, but never notice how big it is until u compair it to other full size cars
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