Gamer Alex's Sound Pack 11.0

Replacing sounds for official vehicles & unofficial vehicle mods.

  1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
    The biggest collection of sounds for official vehicles & unofficial vehicle mods.

    Gamer's Alex Sound Pack is a ever expanding pack that replaces the engine sounds from the game to give cars more depth, and variety. Started way back in 2016 for personal use, as an outcrop of Telemax's sound pack, I have been updating this pack ever since. This is no longer a personal pack, but a community pack where suggestions for vehicle sounds, or providing your own sounds is much appreciate. I listen to all of your feedback, and make sure I regularly update the pack usually after every game update.
    Supported Vehicles
    Supported Mods
    Before Version 1.0
    Version 1.0
    Version 3.0
    Version 4.0
    Version 5.0
    Version 6.0
    Version 9.0
    Version 10.0
    Version 11.0
    The version numbers indicate when the sound was added to the pack. Every version after that will include those sounds, unless stated otherwise.

    Any mods that don't have their own category in the vehicle selector will use the sounds of the vehicle category it is in.

    *ETK S-Series sound was removed as of version 8.0, but has been brought back in version 9.0.

    **2015-17 Ford Mustang latest update has its own sounds now.

    Version 11.0 Patch Notes
    • Added sounds for Autobello Piccolina
    • Added back the original sounds for DH Outlaw
    • Added sounds for LKS Prerunner
    • Added sounds for Ibishu Blackfoot
    Do NOT write a review that mentions any bugs or glitches as the main topic. Any bugs, or glitches, please put them in the discussion tab, or PM me.

    Do not ask for a video. Due to the size, continual changing, and modifying of sounds in this pack, I can't provide a video to preview of the vehicle sounds. I am very sorry for this.

    Any suggestions can be left in the discussion tab, in my mod's group, or sent as a PM.

Recent Reviews

  1. In_Whiskey
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is terrible, the sounds and the scripting is bad.
  2. Any Name You Wish
    Any Name You Wish
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is a must!

    Great work!

    I have over 300 mods downloaded and it still works, so luckily no mod conflictions for me :)
  3. DankMemeBunny
    Version: 11.0
    The sounds are good! But there's a major issue were it goes over other engine sound mods I like to use. Are you using the old SBEAM way? And secondly the idle of engines are perfect volume but anything over idle is very quiet.
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      The issue with overlapping sounds is due to BeamNG, nothing I can do about that. Yes, it is because I use the .sbeam files, since there could be compatibility issues if I used the engine files to define the sounds.

      If those engine files are changed, from the mod creator, or BeamNG devs, my mod will override these changes with the previous engine files I modified.

      This leads to a ton of reworking to update the mod that I don't have time for. If the sounds overlap, then delete those particular .sbeam files from my mod.

      I'm glad you mentioned this so people don't make the same mistake of rating my mod poorly because of a issue with, and not the mod itself.
  4. RecklessRodeo
    Version: 11.0
    This mod is absolutely awesome! It really helps me out with old mods with no sounds such as the Bandit.
  5. idontk452
    Version: 11.0
    There's a fatal error when using your mod
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      Could you PM me about the issue instead of making a review? It could possibly be a mod confliction that has nothing to do with my sound pack.
  6. mowens07 Gaming
    mowens07 Gaming
    Version: 11.0
    *clicc* Noice
  7. MuddyMan
    Version: 11.0
    Do quite like it especially the ETK sounds, not dissing your mod but if i wanted to delete a sound for a particular car in favor of a different one i have, am i able to just delete it from the mod file or would that cause issues?
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      It is definitely possible to do. Deleting the .sbeam file in the particular vehicle folder will get rid of my sounds. I advise not deleting the sounds as some vehicles borrow the sounds from others.
  8. BannedByAndroid
    Version: 11.0
    Firstly, congrats of the mod's "return" to the repository.
    To be honest, a lot of massive effort has been added to the sound pack. The engine sounds looks great, and quality is superb. There's some minor flaws tho, but that's not really mind-breaking.
    Also, I would like to request some mods for other cars such as the Ibishu Kashira, the Gavril Gladiator and the Raven R60.
    Keep up the good work!
    1. Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1)
      Author's Response
      Woops, you noticed a mistake I had on the supported mod list. I did add sounds for the Gavril Gladiator in 10.0, but forgot to list it. Anyways now its listed, and I'll take a look at those other vehicles you suggested.
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