Beta Gambler Ibishu Pessima Mega Pack (MfD Challenge) 2.3

Let's go gambling!

  1. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - Exterior Cage now 100% Done!
    • WARNING when using front or rear cage with front or rear bumper equipped (except for offroad bumpers) might cause a very little wobbling.

    - Fixed some jbeam bugs and typos
    - Stubby config redone
    - Improved Configs
  2. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - Exterior Cage added for Sedan body
    • With scratch made jbeam for extra protection
    • Front cage will be done soon
    screenshot_2020-05-14_20-51-18.png screenshot_2020-05-14_20-51-33.png

    - Cape added for a trunk

    - 1 Config added

    - Fixed loose front bumper bar
    - roof basket jbeam redone
    - Configs improved
    - Fixed bug on rear bash bar
  3. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - More interior parts added
    • Tiger Tank Model
    • Coffee Cup :D
    screenshot_2020-05-13_11-42-18.png screenshot_2020-05-13_11-42-55.png
    - Added front lip for factory front bumper

    - Fixed front bars jbeam bugs
    - Fixed some typos on some parts
  4. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - More Scale Models added!
    • 2 Tank Models
    screenshot_2020-05-12_21-00-14.png screenshot_2020-05-12_21-00-44.png
    • Scale Ibishu Pessima with optional push bars and roof rack!

    - Skins improved
    - Jbeam files improved
  5. Update n Hotfix

    Peter Beamo
    - Added Extra parts!
    • Scale Tank model (My own model)
    • Small Christmas Tree
    These 2 parts can spike at heavy crashes
    • Signs (3 Types with proper jbeam)
    screenshot_2020-05-12_12-15-06.png screenshot_2020-05-12_12-15-33.png screenshot_2020-05-12_12-16-03.png

    - Reworked Roof Cargo Basket jbeam and model
    - 1 Blood Bath config added
    - Added missing jbeam parts
    - Some bugs fixes
  6. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - Hood Rally Light texture is now done.
    - The rear mudflaps slot now moved to rear bumper and the front mudflaps slot moved to the fenders.
    - Skins improved
    - Configs improved
    - Front Lip added for Cut front Bumper
    - 2 Configs added
    screenshot_2020-05-07_19-51-10.png screenshot_2020-05-07_20-00-04.png
  7. hotfix

    Peter Beamo
    A very quick fixes
    - Fixed white antennas
    - Fixed wrong 2.0L i4 Petrol engine sound
    - Added Race Exhuast for all engines
    - Added Short running boards

    - there's also hood rally lights added but still in WIP state (the texture isnt done) So use it at your own risk
    - Some bugs still being worked on.
  8. Hotfix

    Peter Beamo
    Fixed no texture on some mesh
  9. Update

    Peter Beamo
    - Added Rear Trunk Antenna
    - Added Long Range Antenna
    - Added Colorable Front & Rear Push Bars
    - Added Original Front & Rear Bumpers with Push Bar
    - Added Removable Rear Fender Flares (WIP)
    - Added Running Boards
    - Added Chassis Stiffening Option
    - Added Heavy Duty Mirrors
    - Added Race Exhaust for all vivace engines
    - Added Type 4 Front Bumper
    - Added Army Skins
    - Added Dity Gambler500 Skin
  10. High Performance radiator Added

    Peter Beamo
    High, Ultra High Performance Radiators Added
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