Beta FZO Warsaw M02 1964 V2

FSO Warszawa!

  1. Martin.S
    Polish car... for @hoj262626
    Hope you like it :)
    0-100km/h: 10,1s
    R4 engine, white color.


    1. Photo428.png
    2. Photo429.png
    3. Photo430.png
    4. Photo431.png
    5. Photo432.png
    6. Photo433.png
    7. Photo434.png
    8. Photo435.png
    9. Photo436.png

Recent Updates

  1. Interior!

Recent Reviews

  1. andrzejserafin5
    Version: 1964
    HOJ262626 POWRÓCIŁ!!! :D
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
  2. Very nice cars
    Very nice cars
    Version: 1964
    aulid s4 2001 avant

    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Niestety nie mogę narazie tego zrobić :( gdy zaktualizują mod wtedy zrobię ;)
  3. Hunter Atkins
    Hunter Atkins
    Version: 1964
    how do you make the transparent windows?
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Unfortunately, I have the latest version of Automation and these mods are not for this version :( If you have an older version, the mod is called Dog Tape
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