Outdated Frozen Lake Version 5 5.02

Ice Ice, Baby

  1. iheartmods

    Welcome to Frozen Lake!

    VERSION 5 Changelog

    • Added new, highly detailed "suburban" area to map. Covers a couple square KM. Adds about 5 miles of roads within its interior.
    • Added about 15 miles of roads total to the map. Additions include highway areas and a new offroad section.
    • Multiple spawn points added.
    • Polish of new areas including road signs, sounds, etc.
    • Added light towers and some ancillary details to the airport area.
    • Few extra sounds here and there.
    General Changes:
    • Removed separate 'Night' and 'Whiteout' map configs. Reasoning, from top down is: (1) both were quite outdated and I didn't want to maintain them, (2) people can easily make a map be night by using the Environment UI editor, (3) the whiteout map was just excess fog; it didn't change road conditions or really have an effect on the feel of the map in my opinion. Any user can easily add the extra fog if they want.
    • Made the ambient temperatures a tad colder.
    Bugs/Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed several overlapping decal roads. There's a few that I didn't bother fixing but most are cleaned up well.
    • There's probably sections of the map that have weird or funky terrain or have floating objects. I haven't found these in my initial runs through the map, but please tell me if you find anything.
    Best review ever(by RobertGracie. Sub Him!):

    Also, YBR!:

    Why did I make this? This idea came to me while driving home one night as I drove past a lake on my way home that, for some reason, stuck out more than usual. I'd say about 20 hours of work is in this map

    The terrain is scratch built from L3DT. I made the snow texture and a couple of other signs as well as terrain editing and compiling everything. Everything else was provided by the BeamNG team or sketchup warehouse.

    • Over 40 miles of roads including highway, suburban, and offroad trails.
    • A large frozen lake in the center (doesn't harm FPS, I promise)
    • Some random props, emitters, and sounds. This includes road signs!
    • AI Support (kinda buggy)
    • Snow precipitation
    • Environmental sounds
    • Several Easter eggs!
    Spawn Points:
    • Lakehouse
      • lakeSpawn.png
      • It's a house on a small island in the center of the lake. Inhabited only in the summer as it is only sustainably accessible by boat. Winter visitors include snowmobilers and, when the ice is thick enough, brave motorists.
    • Offroad West
      • offroadWest.png
      • Offroad section in the west area of the map. Not connected to the eastern section. This offroad is tamer than Offroad East.
    • Offroad East
      • offroadEast.png
      • Offroad section in the east area of the map. This one is far more challenging than Offroad West.
    • Airport
      • airport.png
      • Airport spawn! There's some goodies around here and tucked away areas to explore.
    • West Suburbs
      • suburbWest.png
      • West side spawn for the suburbs. More Snoop than Tupac but definitely not any warmer. Tear it up in your Uncle's low-rider.
    • East Suburbs
      • suburbEast.png
      • East side spawn for the suburbs. More B.I.G than Ice Cube. Not much going on here amidst the quiet desperation. Tear it up in your mom's ride between the stop signs.
    • Logging Yard
      • loggingYard.png
      • It's a logging yard! Great job concluding that one!
    • Highway
      • highway.png
      • Start of the highway going into the suburbs from the south. Speed limit 55!
    If you like my work, consider buying me lunch!


    screenshot_00034.png screenshot_00035.png
    screenshot_00020.png screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00016.png screenshot_00015.png


    1. screenshot_00031.png
    2. screenshot_00032.png
    3. screenshot_00033.png
    4. screenshot_00034.png
    5. screenshot_00035.png
    6. screenshot_00036.png
    7. screenshot_00018.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Plisehon
    Version: 5.02
    in this version i see missing texture trees and spotaneously solid leaves (will rate 5 stars when fixed)
  2. matt turner
    matt turner
    Version: 5.02
    Version: 5.02
    crashes game
  4. tonimark
    Version: 5.02
    game crashes with the latest and 4th versions
  5. DaddelZeit
    Version: 5.02
    ffs guys the map is outdated stop whining
  6. HotDog1123
    Version: 5.02
    BeamNG version 0.21.2 - while trying to load the map the game crashes
  7. 97 corolla
    97 corolla
    Version: 5.02
    the map wont load and my game crashes when i spawn please fix the map
  8. MiniKlick
    Version: 5.02
    Kept freezing until a recent update when it just doesn't want to open at all but instead crashes the game. A shame really since it was a really good map otherwise.
  9. Bradyn421
    Version: 5.02
    I hate the piano when you go through offroad west but other than that this is a great map
  10. Asem1123
    Version: 5.02
    Very fun to just drive around and get lost. I really like the soundpack too!
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