Formare Inzand 1.0

Formare - Roads are merely suggestions.

  1. Lakloplak

    My first ever contribution to this great community!

    Want to haul stuff and haul ass? This will be the ute for you! Its efficient 3.2L V8 will make sure you get there whenever and wherever you want to.

    Based on 2019 Ford Raptor but with other inputs from other brands, but mainly made to be fun to drive.
    • Suspension made to be all-round utility, sport and daily drive.
    • Engine not too big (as some automation creations) but torqy enough to have a swell time.
    • 9 Gears of fury to haul big trailers without needing to worry about bogging down.
    • Designed to look realistic and impress that girl next door.

    Formare Inzand, made for the off-road challenge of Bshar Nasri.

    "Amazing in every single way"

    "Suspension is a masterpiece"


    1. Formare.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Avetho
    Version: 1.0
    Seeing this be driven by Bshar Nasri, even in slo-mo, I know I love this car. It looks great, and from his driving it appears to perform great too. Can't give it any less that 5 stars :D
    1. Lakloplak
      Author's Response
      Now you gotta try it yourself ;) Thanks for the review!
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