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Beta Ford Engines and Performance parts pack 1.6

Lore friendly engine pack based off Ford (New update!)

  1. (BIG-ISH UPDATE!) Models, sounds, fixes

    Added custom model and starter sounds for 460/7.5L V8
    (Note: I recommend only using early intake until i fix all the issues)
    Added wip twin turbos to i6 and v8 (WIP, dont complain)
    Added Stage 1-3 Superchargers to i6
    Added new wip 5.0 ho with custom-ish stuff (WIP, dont complain)
    Fixed alot of shit

    the content from this update is a bit buggy and has a few issues so please don't complain and/or give bad reviews.

    me: starter sounds, wip 302 model, editing...
  2. Sounds and small improvements

    Improved 4.2L V6 sound
    Replaced UHD Stage 3 Long Block with a more realistic Stage 4 Long Block
    Fixed mOre typos
    Decreased file size
    Removed Straight exhaust
  3. Fixes, Improvements, Twin Turbos coming soon ;D

    Fixed V6 suspension issue
    Small improvements to models and jbeams
    Twin turbos and I6 performance parts are coming in the next update (delayed)
  4. Fixes/Changes, Configs and Turbos

    Added Stage 1-4 Turbos (diesel model sadly)
    Added engine names
    Added V6 and 2nd Personal Configs
    Fixed typos and reduced file size
    Improved 4.9L I6
  5. New performance parts and bug fixes

    Added stage 2 & 3 tuned intakes with custom models
    Added Stage 3 Performance & Ultra Heavy Duty Stage 3 Performance Long Blocks
    Improved 4.2L V6 in many ways
    Added tuned intake for 4.2L V6
    Fixed many bugs related to textures
  6. New transmissions

    Added E4OD Automatic Transmission
    Added T18 & T19 4-Speed Manual Transmissions
    Added ZF-S560 & M5OD 5-Speed Manual Transmissions
  7. New engines

    Added back and fully fixed 4.2L V6
    Added 6.9L Diesel V8 with custom Naturally Aspirated model
    Added 7.3L Diesel V8
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