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firwood skin pack 2 .3

now you can use more vehicles to arrest in style

  1. turboburger galore

    more turboburger, and i fixed the gm and sunburst skins, enjoy.
    screenshot_2019-11-13_17-59-53.png screenshot_2019-11-10_16-24-03.png
  2. the k-series has finally arrived

    here it is: the k-series, enjoy
  3. classics update, marshal and sunburst

    2 classics, now in the pack
    screenshot_2019-11-04_22-33-40.png screenshot_2019-11-04_22-38-24.png
  4. pickup rework, and a sedan gladiator

    i really didnt like the pickup skin, so, i remade it so it doesnt bother me (and i thought it wasnt good enough in its previous state. it also has a camper bed. and i added the gladiator sedan, and the skin is also compatible with the 1968 versions, but they may not fit entirely.
    screenshot_2019-10-29_17-07-50.png screenshot_2019-10-29_17-12-30.png
  5. firwood skin pack overhaul

    with this update may not come too many new skins, but it does change this mod in an significant way. from now on, this mod doesnt need any other mods for lightbars (note, the vehicles are still required). thanks to @OuDacai for letting me use his lightbars in my mod, cause it makes it easier for everyone. if you havent already, download his stuff, he makes high quality skins, many of which are police skins. anyway, there are 3 things in this update. first up, i have...
  6. beamrepairs van added, many more to come

    now added a beamrepairs van
  7. typo

    typo caused piccolina to not show up
  8. bluebuck and traffic compatibility

    just made it so they act like police cars when you use traffic
  9. bluebuck

    bluebuck hype


    1. screenshot_2019-08-16_17-53-13.png
  10. satsuma 210 and actual thumbnails

    this update will include the satsuma 210 skin and actual proper thumbnails. yes you read it right, actual thumbnals. enjoy. also there is a secret skin with config in the new pessima's configurations tab.
    important: for the satsuma skin to work, you need to go to documents/beamng/vehicles. in vehicles make a map called satsuma210 and put the satsuma210.jbeam file in it. you can find that file and the discussion thread here:...
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