Fintray Roadsport 0.9102019

A lightweight tracktool by Fintray

  1. Blijo
    From the maker of the (to be released) Roadster, a small, lightweight, track focussed car. The Fintray Roadsport.
    The Roadsport is a very light car (380KG) and suitable for high and low speed track and road use. It is powered by a 600cc Ibishu i3 engine with a whopping 100HP. This gives it a healthy power to weight ratio.
    Features are:
    1. Scratch made body
    2. Double wishbones with coilovers and anti sway bars on all corners.
    3. Custom wheels with custom tires. Wheels have options for the centercaps. 7 Wheel colors available.
    4. A few skins.
    5. Police variants(US and UK included for now).
    6. Decent handling
    7. A digital dashboard
    8. Lightness
    The configs:
    screenshot_2019-10-07_21-31-33.png screenshot_2019-10-07_21-31-52.png

    Feel free to make skins for this mod. The skin UV is in the mod folder.
    Please do not overwrite any parts. You can also make more options for the centercaps. The jbeam is located in the wheels/tires file.

    A more powerful engine is planned, I just need to come up with a suitable option.

    It might crash a bit odd, I still have to work on the deformation of the body.
    The driver cam is also a bit weird, if you reload it with ctrl+r, it seems to be in the right position.(higher than the spawn position). I will fix both issues when I know what's wrong
    Brake balance/stability will be investigated.

    Please don't use my code, models, textures etc for other things without permission.

    Youtubers: You can review this mod, but for all other purposes, ask me for permission, I will file a copyright claim against you otherwise. (I will say yes 99% of the time)

    If you like it, please consider to donate: :)

    @maty for his skins (US police and Sport Special)
    BeamNG for the game, some textures and basic parts
    Me for the rest
    Map: Showroom Pack by @Car_Killer

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 0.9102019
    3.8 stars. Rounds up to 4 here. Has potential, great start but needs even more work for the 5 stars
  2. mtslittow
    Version: 0.9102019
    Nippy car with marvelous handling. Braking is unstable. I suggest lowering brake torque to 15-20% (tested on semi slick and slick config)
  3. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: 0.9102019
    Nice, nice. But the front right suspension is too ease to broke. And it is (almost) impossible to start the car when the engine shuts. And the most important, it ruined the pigeon's 600cc engine texture.
  4. sabinoplane
    Version: 0.9102019
    It has a ton of potential, but still has a ton of bugs that need to be solved
    apart from the handling and crashing problems you already mentioned this is what i noted

    the interior looks rather textureless and plain, the wheel looks great and the screen is dope but the rest needs some texture and detail, specially the interior "walls"
    the 3rd person camera... and this is one bug that specially bothers me... Is super far away, like, too much, much much more than the other cars, I have to manually adjust it every time i drive, and when i respawn it resets. really annoying
    that said the car is cool, i like the design and the exterior looks gorgeous. I'm sure with updates it will be fixed

    I will come back and edit my score when it gets fixed with updates, to give it the 5 stars it will probably deserve when it's fixed! :D
  5. -LeveQ-
    Version: 0.9102019
    Not sure what's going on, but the suspension spawns all borked, car shakes itself apart and is undriveable. Is something wrong on my end or is everyone clueless ?

    Fair amount of neg camber right side, little positive camber left side. Crazy caster and it shakes a lot.
    1. Blijo
      Author's Response
      Please PM me, it shouldn't happen. (And it doesn't for me or my testers)
  6. 16PiXel-Dude
    Version: 0.9102019
    this is absolutley a pice of art , but the first person camera looks a lil suspicios , nevertheless is great
  7. hellcatzwithz06
    Version: 0.9102019
    The car wont start after shut the engine off, just cranking
  8. D/C
    Version: 0.9102019
    the car is shaking violently while braking heavily, can you fix that?

    other wise, very fun mod indeed
  9. David 3
    David 3
    Version: 0.9102019
    car is amazing good sound i like it
  10. The Only True Sanic
    The Only True Sanic
    Version: 0.9102019
    Joy to drive. only issues you already know about. Weird bug, you cant start the car with the clutch in. I play on a wheel and didnt realize that i had the clutch in and the car just cranks but doesnt start.
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