Finnish Bus Pack 1.1

Several bus skins from Finland

  1. Skabelse
    Some poorly done cinematics:


    Compatiable vehicles:

    Skins included:

    • Savonlinja
    • HSL
    • Koiviston auto

    Feel free to suggest me ones to add. (Feel free to DM or use the link in the information panel on the left) Coming next update:

    • Laitinen
    • Onnibus
    • Pohjolan Liikenne

    Operation instructions:

    1. "Subscribe" to the mod or download it.
    2. Spawn a white bus
    3. Press Ctrl+W and choose the skin you want from "Paint Designs"

Recent Reviews

  1. nitroww
    Version: 1.1
    1. Skabelse
      Author's Response
      I have read the suggestions you sent with the form and added them to my todo list, kiitos!
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