Beta ETK800 Hybrid 8.0.1

Full hybrid versions of the ETK800 hatchback car

  1. More major improvements!

    - Fixes for compatibility with BeamNG 0.16
    - Brake lights now turn on in "L" if regeneratively braking hard enough (even with foot off brake pedal)
    - New "torque demand" logic which results in much smoother transitions between EV/engine modes. Throttle pedal maps to "torque on wheels" and everything else is determined from there.
    - More consistent engine startup behavior (smoother/quicker)
    - Battery is used more efficiently and charges at more predictable times (e.g. foot off throttle at high speeds)
    - Better torque distribution at extremely low battery levels
    - Fixed overspeed behavior so that it's impossible to cause either MG1 or MG2 to go too fast (some day I'll actually implement damage so this matters...)
    - Fixed several situations where rubber banding of engine RPM would occur
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