ETK I Series Diesel Engine 1.1

Ever wanted a 3.7 diesel I6 on your etk? No? i'll give you anyway

  1. Dax_with_a_citroen
    -4 new configs
    -3.7l Diesel I6 engine
    -Diesel Fuel Tank
    -Stock Diesel Ecu
    -Diesel Radiator
    -Mid-trim diesel (manual and auto)
    -High-trim turbo diesel AWD (manual and auto)
    Is my first mod , there isn't 3D models , don't expect hours of fun

    Any bugs please DM me on discord Daxツ#2565 screenshot_2021-02-21_14-30-29.png

Recent Updates

  1. New config! Junkyard

Recent Reviews

  1. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Version: 1.1
    Absolutly love this, getting big 80s Merc 300D Vibes, Possibly a coal tuned ECU in the future?
    1. Dax_with_a_citroen
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Wdym with coal ECU?
  2. EN07Z
    Version: 1.1
    nice, looking forward it
    1. Dax_with_a_citroen
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