ETK - Diesel Engine Pack [BMW] 2.6

Realistic diesel engines inspired in the ones that BMW has.

  1. Starter and engine sounds, jbeam updated

    Adjusted engine and exhust sound and added the new starter sounds
  2. New power curves

    • Adjusted NA power curves
    • Tweaked turbos for a realistic spool up, now they don't make power at 1000rpm
    • Tweaked turbo sounds and pressures
    • Changed 116hp engine remap, now makes 190hp and 400Nm
  3. Big Update

    • Deleted configs for the ETK-C
    • Tweaked ETK800 configs
    • All 4 cylinder have the same NA power curve
    • M57 I6 Engines have the same NA power curve
    • Tweaked turbo sounds and pressures
    • 143hp N47 engine has been replaced with the new B47 150hp engine
    • 116hp N47 engine has now a 175hp remap
    • Added an oil cooler, will stay temps below 105ÂșC even when hard driving
    • Added a Diesel Limited Slip...
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