ETK - B37 - B47 - B57 Diesel Engines [BMW] 3.5

Three, four and six cylinder diesels from the new B series family of BMW.

  1. Biggest update

    This update removes the old engines, they are being replaced with the newer diesels for the 2014 BMW and onwards.


    • Added 4 cylinder diesels B47, the slowest one makes 150hp
    • Added 6 cylinder diesels B57, the slowest one makes 265hp
    • Deleted N47. N57 and M57 engines
    • Turbos have been highly reworked, turbo wobbling at high RPM has been fixed, they spool really fast and they have new sounds
    • Tuning has been deleted TEMPORARILY
    • Deleted 8-Speed DCT
    • Added a Fast 8-Speed Automatic with a custom torque converter
    • Engine friction and inertia values have been reduced
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