ETK A-Series 3.0

Perfection in simplicity

  1. A little remaster

    Main changes:
    • New interior
    • New front end jbeam
    • New configs
    • New engine
    • Fixed most, if not all issues the mod had
    Model/Texture stuff:
    • Fully new interior by me and @waboll featuring 5 different and unique skins for different trim levels
    screenshot_2022-01-14_16-37-32.png screenshot_2022-01-14_16-36-50.png
    • New police gear and lights
    • Improved shading
    • Improved engine models
    • Added new "ETK Aero" wheels...
  2. fixes

    - Added us plates to eu bumpers
    - Fixed some shading issues
    - Added back turbos to sohc engines
    - Nerfed offroad tires
    - Changed drag coef slightly
    - Removed festive content
  3. "Quality of Life" update part 1

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • Added forced induction to all the engines in the mod
    • Added underglow
    • Added roofrack (all the loads work properly, but some weird thing happens if you use the matress, its still under investigation as to why)
    • Revamped stance config
    • Improved vanilla textures and models such as snorkel and bullbars
    • Improved the glass (Fixed the green tint and reworked tinted glass)
    • Improved weight...
  4. hotfix

    -Fixed offroad tire textures
    -Added custom offroad tires
    -Revamped visually offroad config (new skin and some visual changes)
    -Revamped 1800 Special config, now it has awd and a bit less powerful engine
    -Improved UV maps
    -Other texture improvements
  5. Fixes

    -Added tinted glass
    -Fixed an issue when the halfshafts and swaybars were not visible
    -Added missing cache
    -Minor mesh improvements
    -Reduced file size
  6. ETK A-Series "Definitive Edition"

    So basically since i forgot to write the changelog and im to lazy to do so now, here is a quick recap of whats new and changed.

    -Fully new suspension setup thanks to @TrackpadUser
    -All new offroad, factory and custom configs
    -Reworked jbeam
    -Added multiple rims, hubcaps and tires
    -New liveries
    -Improved torque curves
    -Improved models and dashboard textures
    -Console is now clear from errors
    -And a lot more stuff for you to discover

    Thanks you for patience and i hope you...
  7. fixes

    - minor improvements
    - fixed some jbeam instabilities with air fresheners
  8. fixes

    - Fixed loading issue
    - Fixed air fresheners again
  9. 1.1.2 minor update

    - Added another roof option and more parts such as exhaust, internals, etc.
    - Fixed navigation bug
    - Fixed air fresheners
    - Other minor improvements
  10. hotfix

    -fixed right plastic fender issue
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