Esgit Bracen Valoria 1.0

A sedan which was designed to be a taxi

  1. Erikpro333GamingYT
    This is a set of sedan configurations I made, obviously the sedan itself is also included. The sedan was originally made a taxi, but since Automation somewhy said it's a "budget family" car, I wanted to show it what a family car is, so it started evolving.

    About the car itself:
    Runs a 5000cc NA V8 (The sensible versions)
    Weighs from 1000-1600-ish kg
    Has 4,5 trims
    Top speeds range from 121-151 mph
    Here are screenshots of the trims (low quality since this laptop can't handle much more):
    Kuvatmmis11.png Kuvatmmis12.png Kuvatmmis8.png Kuvatmmis9.png

    But, this is it, there's something more, nothing less to these. Only if you download it you will see the rest 0,5 trims. But well, thank you for reading and hopefully downloading.

    I promise one thing...
    I'll be back
    with a much worse car that you can be annoyed about!
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