Alpha Electric Vehicle Conversion Pack 0.6

Adds electric motors to different cars in

  1. AkaShaadow
    This is a modpack for EV conversions of cars in

    At the moment it supports 11 different Cars.

    The Gavril D-Series
    The Gavril H-Series
    The Gavril Roamer
    The Hirochi Sunburst
    The Wentward DT40L
    The Autobello Picolina
    Note: to achieve this time, I had to turn the gravity up, because the Picolina would still do wheelies at over 200 kp/h, with normal gravity the car can still go sub 9 secs

    The ETK I-Series
    The Soliad Wendover
    The Ibishu Hopper
    The Pigeon
    (Picture coming soon)
    The Wigeon
    (Picture coming soon)

    The mod is still using the normal transmissons and drivetrain of the cars.

    There are 4 electric motors.

    The "eco" one has the same torque as the front electric motor from the vivace.

    The normal one outputs about 750 Nm or 550 lb-ft and 500 bhp.

    And the "power" one, which outputs about 1600 Nm or 1175 lb-ft and 2150 bhp.

    The "custom" one, which allows you to set a custom torque curve in the tuning window. (Up to 2000Nm or 1470 lb-ft, 5500bhp and 20,000 rpm)


    The stock speed limiter is at 160 kp/h or 100 mp/h but there is an option for a speed limiter delete.


    For the Gavril H&D-Series, there are 2 new transmissons. A 2-speed automatic and the standard 6-speed automatic with the "M" mode for manual gear selection. There is also a locking Torque Converter capable of more power and locking earlier.

    You can use any transmisson you like, apart from dcts and the new transmissons with different engines.

    Batterie Packs:

    For the H-Series there are 2 batterie packs (1 per frame type)
    For the D-Series there are 4 batterie packs (1 per frame type)
    For the Sunburst there is 1 batterie pack

    The batterie packs vary in size according to what seemed realistic.

    Plans for the future:
    -Add more vehicles
    -Add configurations
    -Add regenerative braking (direct drive might be necessary)


    - When the "DFA Pack" by iRetr0x is installed, the D-Series won't work. Still trying to figure out, what the problem is.

    Known issues:

    - If the gear ratio is too low (for example 15:1), the rpm is not smooth but jumpy and towards the rev limiter the rpm can get stuck, which can break parts of the car. Shifting into neutral can help with this but using higher gear ratios (8:1 works fine) is the only true solution to that, I've found.

    - Braking takes longer when in gear, this gets worse, the higher the motor rpm is. This is probably due to the inertia of the entire drive train an especially the transmission, motor, and torque converter. This is solved, by shifting in to neutral (or pressing the clutch, if you are using a manual transmission).

    - Also, the power takes a few seconds to fully go away, after you let off the throttle, after a wheelspin for example. This for the same reason, as the braking problems.

    Thanks for reading this, if you have any questions, ideas, on how to improve the mod or requests for the next cars to add. I'll be glad to answer those.

    Special thanks to the team behind the great game of


    If you are looking for more EV conversions, ChickenFeline0 has made a great one for the ETK 800 and K-Series:

Recent Updates

  1. Pigeon & Wigeon
  2. Hopper and custom Torque Curve
  3. Soliad Wendover

Recent Reviews

  1. Oceanmogul
    Version: 0.6
    It doesn't work. The car shifts into drive, but it doesn't drive.
  2. OldSnake
    Version: 0.6
    nice mod good job
  3. TommyTomDeg
    Version: 0.6
    Does not work at all on d-series
  4. zyllos007
    Version: 0.6
    Works great but it breaks when used on the D series, makes the front end drop to the ground and the vehicle unable to take input, other then that, a great mod man!
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      This problem occures, when the "DFA Pack" by iRetr0x is installed. At the moment, I have no idea, why this happens...
  5. PolarBear123
    Version: 0.6
    Great mod and works as expected!
    1. AkaShaadow
  6. Nanandmic567
    Version: 0.6
    Thanks! But I have one only issue ...
    For first install, it's works very well in general. But when I cleared the game's cache, it's became undrivable for some reason...
    But in the end, I still loved it as always.
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      thanks, I wasn't able to reproduce your problem, but my guess is, that a simple reinstall of the mod should do the trick, if not you can write me a dm
  7. devin0shroff0
    Version: 0.5
    its great, my only question is, is there some sort of speed limiter? on the gavril d-series, the second i hit 100 it no longer accelerates.
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      thanks, yes on most cars, there is a speedlimiter that's set to 160kp/h or 100mp/h. You can remove it in the parts menu under engine, ecu you can choose if you want the stock speed limiter or a speed limiter delete
  8. Avaris_Lectros
    Version: 0.5
    Best EV mod I've seen yet. As Todd would say, it just works. Put the bits on the D15 Super Pig and nothing will stop it.
    1. AkaShaadow
  9. Stevecvash
    Version: 0.4
    Works great! Been waiting for a good EV conversion for the D-series to offroad with. IDK why but the mod activated together with the DFA Pack breaks the D-series. Can't wait for the hopper
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      hey, thanks for the feedback, i was able to replicate the strange behavior with the DFA Pack, but couldn't find any reason for this in either mod so far, if i find something, i'll try to fix that

      the hopper update is already uploaded and awaiting approval from my experiance it will get that arround 10am CEST on monday
  10. Yoi_Tsuitachi
    Version: 0.4
    I can finally save the world by having eco cars skskskskskksksksksksks
    1. AkaShaadow
      Author's Response
      i'm happy, you enjoy it, there's an update coming with even more power (Up to 2000Nm or 1470 lb-ft, 5500bhp and 20,000 rpm) it should get approval monday arround 10am CEST from my experiance
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